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The Korean company, which is known today as Kia Motors Corporation, was founded in 1944 and the first time was called "KyungSung Precision Industry". The first time the firm is engaged in manufacturing a small range of parts for repair of bicycles. To produce them in the country then was not possible - had neither the experience nor the means, so they were all imported. Only two years later the company was able to raise capital and to purchase the necessary equipment, then in Korea appeared first domestic bikes. Soon war broke out, divided the country into South and North Korea, and greatly slowed the development of production. In 1952 impoverished countries have stopped the conflict, and the company "KyungSung was able to continue production, but under the name "Kia Industrial Company". The growing demand for inexpensive two-wheeled transport was allowed to open a new plant in 1955, and to increase the growth of the company.After 6 years Kia has released the first powered equipment - motorcycle C-100, and in 1962 it was presented and the first truck on a three-wheeled base. He had a very small size, however, Korea has not yet produced even with such technology, and they were in great demand. The first four-wheeled trucks rolled off the Assembly line "Kia" in 1971 - it was the model of Titan and Boxer, also became very popular. At the same time signed a partnership agreement with the company "Mazda".In 1972, the South Korean government gives the company "Kia" the license to produce cars. Thanks to the cooperation with "Mazda", the company succeeds in the short term to develop and start manufacturing their own engines, and after just 2 years was presented the first model of the car - Kia Brisa. The demand for these machines has allowed Korean companies to join him truck manufacturer Asia Motors, and open two sub-branches.Good growth rates and high quality products "Kia" eventually attracted attention from the world's automakers. In 1978, the company acquired the right to license the production of automobiles Peugeot 604 and FIAT 132 for sale on the domestic market of Korea. At the same time, the company's engineers have developed the first diesel engine, which began to be applied in their own models.However, in 1981 the manual Kia decided to switch the company to issue commercial vehicles, and the direction of production of passenger cars was frozen. The firm has represented a small truck, pickup truck and a minibus made on a uniform basis Bongo, and after another 2 years has released a new model, called Ceres. In the same 1983 part shares "Kia" was bought by a Japanese Corporation ("Mazda", which decided to re-start production of cars. This was done very timely, as the company has already begun to experience financial problems due to poor sales. But due to the expansion of the model range and providing access to technology "Mazda", the Korean firm has gone on the amendment. In 1987, he was released budget Kia Pride, which was based on the chassis of the Mazda 121. The demand for this model has allowed the company to once again become a successful enterprise and to start developing new machines. A year later, the conveyer fell millionth car brand.Also, Kia Industrial" is not refused and the development of commercial vehicles. In 1988, were presented novelties of the company in this direction - model trucks Rhino and Trade, as well as the Besta van. In the early 90's, all the company's products were in great demand, which enabled her to open a number of new plants. Restructured the company and changed the name to "Kia Motors Corporation", after which the cars under this brand have been supplied to the European market. In 1991 were presented 2 passenger model from "Kia" - Sportage and Sephia. They got good grades on the showrooms of the world, and the first one for two consecutive years was awarded the title "Best car of the year" awarded by "IntelliChoice". In 1996 Kia Sportage took part in a rally across the Sahara desert. 1992 in the company's history was marked by the opening of the official representative in the United States. The Kia Sephia, which had 80-HP engine with a cylinder volume of 1.6 liters, getting a taste of the American consumer. Also, Kia Motors has released a budget model called Avella.The difficult economic situation in Asia in 1997, Le ROI Soleil company, and she was forced to put its assets up for sale. However, final closure "Kia" prevented citizens from "Hyundai", which bought a controlling stake in the company in late 1998. In 1999, we announced the creation of Hyundai Kia Automotive Group.In 2001 there were presented new models of cars "Kia" - updated budget Pride and Avella, place in medium price range took Sephia II, and the flagship brand has become universal Clarus II, who had 2 variants of the engine, with a capacity of 116 and 133 horsepower; in the base case were present power steering, air conditioning, air bags and much more. Also, a huge advantage became a big trunk.In 2002, Kia has released its 10-millionth vehicle. Model number manufacturer joined Optima, Regal and Sorento, and a year later was presented to the sedan class Golf Cerato and business Magentis sedan and Opirus. After another 2 years, the company noted the success of the export number of cars 5-million mark.In 2006, chief designer Kia Motors took Peter Schreyer, known for his work for Audi and Volkswagen. He brought in the form of company cars new distinctive feature - it was a unique grille, known as the "Smiling tiger". In the period from 2008 to 2011 sales of trucks rose by more than 80% to nearly 2.5 million pieces annually. In 2012, Peter Schreier is President of design in the company, becoming the first foreigners in senior management "Kia".

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