History of Lagonda

The name to "Lagonda" company that existed since 1897, gave her first owner Wilbur Gan. This is the name of the firm was named after the river of Ohio, passing through Springfield. Initially Lagonda Motor Company specialized in race cars and cars of a class "Lux", one of which was even the Russian Tsar Nicholas II. World famous company acquired, by winning 24-hour race in 1935 in Le Mans.

In 1939 he joined the company to work the famous Owen Bentley and since all cars "Lagonda" were equipped with engines from this designer. In particular, V12 and 6-cylinder power unit with 2 camshafts were used for many years after the Second world war.

The company "Lagonda" during the war years did not participate in the development of technology, making her well-being significantly deteriorated. However, the new owner David brown has managed to restore the business and bring to market a new model of the brand "Lagonda", which had the engine from the Bentley displacement of 2.6 liters and output of 106 HP at 5 000 rpm./minutes, as first used outside the racing models of the system to reduce the load on the suspension by placing the rear brakes next to the differential. By the way, this same model could boast that the front and rear suspensions are independent from each other. The car was also set manual 4-speed gearbox and semi automatic gearshift "Total".

In those years we have established close cooperation of companies Lagonda" and "Aston Martin", enabling the joint design and go to market with innovative solutions.

In 1976 "Lagonda released one of their latest models - luxury sedan with a brutal angular design, a V8 engine, the volume of 5.3 liters and output of 340 HP. This car was produced until 1992.

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