History of Land Rover

"Land Rover" counts its history since 1948. Its first car the company produced during the acute shortage of steel, which had all industry in the UK after the Second World War. However, the company's founders, brothers Maurice and Spencer Wilks, tried to make machines as strong and reliable. The development of the prototype started in the previous year, for which the government has provided plant in Solihull, which during the war had been engaged in the production of engines for tanks and aircraft. For the production of bodies, it was decided to use aviation aluminum, which are no longer needed for the army in such huge quantities. The model is called the Land Rover and was presented at the motor show in 1948 in Amsterdam. Interest was extremely high, and soon the company was flooded with orders. So, a car that was intended as a temporary option until the removal of quotas for procurement of steel, has become Central to this British manufacturer.

2 years later was the first improvement of the car. Engineers, Land Rover has developed a system for switching transmission between the rear and all-wheel drive. In addition, the company has decided to offer customers a wider choice, making several variants of the SUV, which varied in length, wheelbase, as well as the shape and size of the body.

Thanks to their reliability, Land Rover soon gained huge popularity. Bought it from farmers, rescue and repair service, army, and by 1959 was released for more than a quarter of a million cars of this model.

The beginning of the 1960's was marked by a resurgence in the popularity of all-wheel drive SUV. Travelers, families and simple workman, all of whom required a strong car that can travel where stuck any other machine and still hold cargo or passengers, turned their attention in this direction. For "Land Rover" this was the signal to start developing a new model, which would not only running high settings, but allowed to move in a comfortable environment. So in 1970, he was born a family SUV, dubbed "Range Rover", instantly became a hit and became the first comfortable car in this class. To consolidate its position in the market, the firm put their cars to participate in the rally Paris-Dakar, where they have shown excellent results.

The next breakthrough in the production of off-road vehicles was 1989, when the company introduced the Land Rover Discovery. At the Frankfurt motor show, the model made a splash with a lot of positive ratings from experts and visitors, and a number of rave reviews in the press. Among the technical innovations used in the creation of this car, it is worth noting permanent four-wheel drive and the system HDS, designed to improve control while driving downhill.

The following year, the Land Rover 90 and 110, by that time already became a classic, received a number of updates to the exterior, and a new name - Defender.

In 1994 the company was bought by the German BMW. The first renewal of the model range after a change of ownership has become a Land Rover Freelander, which began production in 1997. It was the most compact SUV ever produced by the company, and he became her first-born, the drafting of which it was decided to move away from the classic layout. The engine model was transverse, independent suspension, and the body design was the carrier.

Following the General trend, in 2005 Land Rover produces sports modification of its SUV Range Rover, which became one of the founders of the car class "Sport Tourer". It combines the classic qualities, such as high permeability and high engine thrust, and aggressive, high-speed appearance and character. An updated version of this model was presented in 2013.

In 2008, the new owner becomes the "Tata Motors". Indian Corporation bought several manufacturers of SUVs with a worldwide reputation, among whom was "Land Rover". However, its leadership decided not to interfere with the successful operation of its British subsidiary, limited to only care about the efficiency of engines and hybrid power plants.

In 2010 was presented to the Range Rover Evoque, which has become a novelty among SUVs compact class. The car was first shown at the exhibition, held in Los Angeles, where he is again attracted to the brand in the public eye as to its elegant appearance and technical characteristics.

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