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Company Lexus is a division of Japanese company "Toyota", created for the development and production of "luxury cars". Initially, models of this brand were meant for sale in the United States, but its popularity has allowed to expand markets and in other directions. Today, the Lexus cars can be purchased in most countries of the world.

In 1983 he founded the Lexus brand, which had to withstand severe competition with the best brands in the world, such as BMW, Jaguar and others. In the parent company "Toyota" gathered the most talented engineers, designers, and in 1984 began the painstaking work on "project F1". Leaders were appointed Ichiro Suzuki and Seize Jimbo. In may 1985, the U.S. has conducted a large-scale study of the preferences of drivers, which formed the basis of design concepts Lexus created in the California Studio "Toyota". The first one was ready in July.

The prototype was named Lexus LS400, and throughout the next year he passed many tests, the results of which helped to improve these and other systems of the car. In may 1987 was presented 8 different designs, of which the company's management chose the final, and in January 1988, the first rollers with the car was shown at the auto show in Los Angeles, and then at other exhibitions. Live Lexus presented to the public only a year later, in Detroit. The company at that time showed 2 model LS400 sedan class "Lux" with a 4-liter engine) and ES250 (Executive sedan with a 2.5-liter engine). In September of 1989 began the first sales hire prepared in advance through a dealer network, the total number of purchased vehicles exceeded 4 thousand for the first month.

Among the reasons for the success of cars Lexus in the U.S. market can be called a rich interior, numerous prestigious components that were installed in these cars, powerful and reliable engine, and appearance, simple and clear lines, emphasized the exclusivity of the brand. In 1990 Lexus LS400 was named the magazine "Car & Driver" best imported car of the year and received 1st place in the rating of "J. D. Power and Associates, one of the most respected companies in the field of research of the automotive markets. At the same time opened the first dealerships in Canada and the UK, which allowed the Lexus brand to build on the success, achieving wide recognition.

In may 1991, was presented a new model - SC400, representing himself a sports coupe. 4-liter engine with automatic transmission is allowed to accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. By the autumn was released a budget version SC300 with a 3-liter engine, and replaced the ES250 was replaced by the more powerful ES300. In addition, the flagship model of the company, LS400 has undergone a number of improvements that were aimed at increasing the safety of the driver and passenger, and also increased the comfort of the car. The model again took first place in the rankings of the leading researchers of the car market, which was one of the reasons that already in 1992 Lexus ahead on sales of BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

In early 1993, the company released a sports sedan GS300, the appearance of which was designed by renowned Autodialer Giorgetto Giugiaro. In 1994, the model was presented at the Frankfurt motor show. According to the results of 1993 a number of Lexus models again have the highest valuation expert organizations, and the third time we are at the top of the ratings "J. D. Power and Associates".

Equally high success the company has achieved in the following, 1994, and 1995. However, the Ministry of the U.S. under pressure from domestic producers almost imposed 100 percent tariffs on Japanese cars "premium", it referred to the entire lineup of Lexus. Only the intervention of the higher ranks of Japan was allowed to reach agreement and avoid the beginning of the war.

In 1996, Lexus introduced the model LX450, became the first luxury SUV. This car combines luxury and comfort of the salon with high traffic and a smooth ride even on bumpy roads. Also, was released the updated ES300, which is 6 cm longer than the previous generation.

1997 became rich upgrade. In January, the company revealed at the Detroit motor show concept model HPS, most of the ideas which have been implemented in the new generation GS300. In February, Lexus introduced another concept, which later became a sports SUV RX300. In September came the updated model SC and GS 3 and 4 liters of displacement, which received a facelift, and the LS400 has acquired a number of new options. Also, this year the company has set a sales record of nearly 100 thousand cars found their owners, which exceeded last year's mark by 20%.

In March 1998, we released two new SUV company had a 4.7-liter engine LX470 RX300 and has a 3-liter power plant. The latter became a hit, providing explosive growth statistics "Lexus" and leaving behind all other manufacturers of luxury cars. And expert organization "J. D. Power and Associates" put the car in 1st place in the rating of customer satisfaction is already the 7th time in a row.

In 1999, at the Detroit motor show was presented rear-wheel drive model, IS200, whose sales in Europe began that same spring and almost doubled the performance of the company "Lexus" in comparison with the previous year. And in the United States mark the fifth was awarded first place among manufacturers of the most trouble-free cars, due to the minimum number of complaints from its customers in the service centers after 5 years of operation. The total number of sold Lexus has exceeded 1 million copies.

In 2000 the company introduced a variant IS equipped with 3-liter engine and a new flagship LS430 sedan, engine developing 280 horsepower capacity and had a working volume of 4.3 liters. The salon had a chic finish using natural leather and walnut, as well as the previous model. Was also announced a new model SC430, in addition, the firm decided to move the Assembly RX300 at the canadian plant parent company Toyota. In August of that same year, the company has established record sales among luxury brands - more than 20 thousand cars per month.

In early 2001 Lexus suffered another part of the production in North America by opening a plant for the Assembly of engines and suspensions for RX300 in Buffalo. At the Detroit auto show were shown the model SC430 and IS300 in 2 variations - SportCross equipped steering wheel with gearshift, and Manual Transmission - manual transmission. The sale of these cars started in the same year, and in October joined them ES300 third generation, which incorporates many of the latest achievements of the Japanese automobile industry.

In 2002, Lexus develops and manufactures a concept car that became the car of the hero of Tom cruise in Steven Spielberg's "minority report". And is at the motor show in Paris update IS200, equipped with steering wheel SportCross and engine VVT-i. In November was also released luxury SUV GX470 with adjustable suspension.

In the spring of 2003, the company updated its line RX, Krupnov body and adding a number of prestigious options. The American version also has a new a 3.3-liter engine that European buyers, it was decided to keep the same 3-liter engine. Just a month after its launch, the car has become the sales leader in its class. Also "Lexus" was presented in new York prototype HPX, which combines the features of a sports car and SUV. In September started a factory for the production of cars in the canadian city of Cambridge, and at the Frankfurt motor show, the company demonstrated the updated LS430 sedan.

The next few years were difficult for the company, due to falling sales in the United States. However, Lexus has not stopped the development of new models, and even began to produce machines with a diesel and hybrid engines, which are applied in a number of modern environmentally friendly technologies. In parallel, the company begins to prepare for the conquest-class "super-Deluxe", planning to compete with such monsters as Bentley and Rolls-Royce. The first car company has released a limited edition in 2009 called the LF-A.

In 2009, the company brings to market the next generation RX450, which received an additional index h, indicating that these vehicles have hybrid engines, and a year later is more econonomical modification, equipped with the 2.7-liter engine.

2011 Lexus unexpectedly presented a model CT200h, aimed at a niche of compact hatchbacks class "Lux" and had quite a low price. The sale went well ES350 sedan, first introduced a year earlier at the Moscow motor show.

The earthquake of 2011, which destroyed parts of the production Lexus, forced the company to adjust sales plans and think about moving some plants in China, following the example of the parent company Toyota.

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