History of Lifan

In 1992 Chinese company "Lifan" was founded. Today it is known as a manufacturer of budget cars, but the first line of its activity was the repair of the motorcycle. After some time, gain experience, the firm ventured to start producing their own motorcycles, and it has paid off. Thanks to the low cost, motorcycles "Chongqing Hongda Auto Fittings Research Centre" (as it was called then current "Lifan") have become very popular in China, and after 5 years the company had already ten native plants. In 1997, the management decided to change its name to one under which we know it today.

At the same time the company first looked towards the production of cars. The first model of the brand was a collected under the license of the car brands such as Honda and Mitsubishi. In addition, an agreement was concluded with the Japanese firm "Daihatsu", which gave its technical achievements of the Chinese brand that was established in 2005 with the release of the first models of their own company.

The first of these was the model Lifan 6361 produced in the back of the pickup. However, by the end of 2005 began production of the hatchback Lifan 320 and compact sedan Lifan 520, which became the best selling cars in the Brazilian automotive market in 2006. In the same year began delivery models Lifan on the automobile market in Eastern Europe that led to the creation of a number of plants in Ukraine and Russia. In addition, it was established together with the Japanese brand "Mazda" production of power units. Did not leave "Lifan" and its original activity, producing by this time already more than 1.3 million motorcycles annually.

In 2008 he was presented subcompact model Lifan Smiley, equipped with new generation power unit of 1.3 liters and power of 89 BHP. And a year later was presented model Breez, the engine of which was located the 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of 106 horsepower.

In addition to car manufacturing, Chinese brand "Lifan" started production of buses and trucks under its own brand. But in fact, it was the model of the Korean company Hyundai, which has invested significant resources in the creation of a joint "Lifan" enterprise for the production of its cars for the China market, and the step of transferring large equipment was a kind of barter, to provide financial guarantees for the construction of new production facilities.

In 2010, work began on the creation of a military off-road cars. The result of these developments was the release of crossover Lifan I intended to create competition with the mid-sized crossover Toyota RAV4, enjoys great popularity in China.

By 2012, construction began on 6 new plants, among which was announced release in 2015, the first joint models with the French company Renault.

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