History of Luxgen

In 2008 Taiwanese company "Luxgen" was founded , which is the automotive division "Yulon Motor". The main direction of its activity is the production of luxury cars, which was selected plant of the parent company previously engaged in the licensed Assembly of cars of Japanese brands Nissan and Mitsubishi. In addition, the company "Yulon Motor" organized the production of components and spare parts for a wide range of technology partners.

In 2009 he was presented the first model of the minivan Luxgen 7 MPV, which according to statistics, sales of only a few instances has lagged behind China division of the American company "Ford". And in 2010 was presented model crossover Luxgen 7 SUV. Both cars are equipped with four-cylinder power unit Delphi, which are supplied together with a five-speed transmission company "Saki".

In 2012, the audience was presented to the mid-sized sedan Luxgen 5, which according to statistics of the sales went to the leaders of the Chinese automotive market in its class. In addition, it was opened a technology center "Luxgen", where the company's engineers began to create the first Taiwanese car with an electric motor.

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