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Founded in 1758 German engineering company MAN first began production of cars only in 1915, after the outbreak of the First World War. Leadership brand, under pressure from the German government promptly launched the production of trucks for the armed forces of the country.

Just a few years, a small company from Nuremberg city has managed to become one of the largest producers of trucks in Germany. And in 1923 engineers mark "the MAN" introduced the world's first diesel power unit with a capacity of 40 horsepower and direct fuel injection. Thanks to advanced engineering design Bureau company, its development has again invited the military, and in 1935 the newly launched production of equipment for the army, this time heavy all-wheel drive trucks and light tanks Pantera.

After the Second World War, production at the company's plants "MAN" was resumed only in 1951, but was exhausted and devastated Germany civilian trucks "MAN" got quite a big demand. In 1960, it started production of trams for the largest cities in Germany, and one year later the company "MAN" was the firm "Porsche Diesel, a division of famous automotive brand for the production of agricultural machinery.

In the 70s engineers "MAN" started active development of buses and trucks new generation, led the brand in the 70-80-ies become the sole market leader in Germany and Austria. In the 90s it started production of heavy trucks and tractors, which were equipped with diesel engines of a new type, with a capacity of up to 600 horsepower. In the 2000s, the company continued to actively update their products, presenting a model of its buses and trucks of all existing classes of cargo segment of the automotive market in the world.

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