History of Martini

In 1897, was founded Swiss automotive brand "Martini". The story of a small firm started after the son of Frederick De Martini, owner of Martini, specializing in the production of firearms, attempted to create the first road car. In 1897, was presented the first model, which gave start to the car brand. In 1899, was presented the first car Martini with a front mounted engine, and in 1902 the number of machines reached number 30 pieces. Soon on the basis of the company "Martini" has started license the Assembly of cars "Rochet Schneider". And in 1908, the brand came under the control of a consortium of financial groups, which have maintained for younger Martini leadership position. However, this turn of events led the brand to begin to create new models, without fear of financial difficulties.

In 1913, was presented model Martini 25HP, which was positioned as a model for affluent buyers, and a year later she released a budget version 12HP. However, during the First World War, the company focused on expanding the production of firearms, simultaneously improving their power units for vehicles. In 1921, was presented to the civil model FN. And after 2 years started production of the model Martinelli, which was delivered to the army of Switzerland until 1934.

In 1926, after the release of the next civic model, the company was on the verge of closing, and to prevent such a turn of events, it was decided to start building cars German mark "the wanderer". And in 1931 was presented model Martini NF. However, the works of mark were getting worse, and in 1934 it was announced the bankruptcy of the firm.

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