History of Mazda

In 1920 Japanese company "Mazda" was founded, which first years of its existence, engaged in the creation of machines, working with the largest companies in the country. In addition, from 1921 to 1931, the company was engaged in development of several variants of motorcycles, but in the series they never went. However, in 1931, was presented the first car under the name "Mazda" - light four-wheeled truck, which enjoyed great popularity in the domestic car market of Japan. And in 1932 his supplies began in the automotive market in China, but under the name "Mazda Go".

After the outbreak of the Second World War, the company's factories "Mazda" retrained for the production of engines for aircraft and military trucks. However, in early 1945 production was completely stopped, and the plant was completely destroyed on 9 August, after the bombing of Hiroshima, which had a production capacity "Mazda".

After the Emperor of Japan announced Hiroshima city in the world, began restoration of the whole industry in Hiroshima, and those who voluntarily opened its production plant in the newly built city, were offered huge sums of money to create new jobs. Thus, the company "Mazda" has gained a second wind and already in 1949 introduced a three-wheeled cargo vehicle with motorcycle power unit from the "Honda".

In 1958 was the first four-wheeled car Mazda Romper, which had the engine two-cylinder power unit of its own production, with a capacity of 35 horsepower. In subsequent years, the Romper has received a number of modifications, having been recognized by customers.

After 2 years, after the initial success of the restored company "Mazda", the company's engineers introduced the first car brand - compact coupe Mazda R360 Coupe. Further, the company began to mass popularization and modernization of technology of rotary motors, presenting in 1967 the first car Mazda Cosmo Sport 110S, equipped with a rotary power unit. However, the company's business deteriorated due to large-scale investments in the construction of new production facilities. As a result, 25% of the shares were bought by American company "Ford", expanding its presence in the Japanese automotive market. In addition, the engineers of the company "Mazda" has at its disposal technologies new partner, which formed the basis of all future models of Japanese brand.

In 1964, the company released its first family car Mazda Familia, which immediately won the title of best car in Japan. And in 3 years this model was officially delivered to the automotive markets in Europe and New Zealand, expanding the presence of the "Mazda" more than 20 automotive markets around the world.

In 1981 the company "Mazda" entered the automotive market in the United States of America, becoming one of the largest automakers in Japan. In addition, the company has won a number of awards, both in the automotive and in the field of technological innovation, thanks to the successful production of new rotary power units, which after 5 years debuted on compact coupe Mazda RX-7. Two years later, was presented version of the RX-7 coupe.

In 1989 he was presented the most popular car company in its history - compact convertible MX-5, which became the most successful model of the brand and have received many upgrades in the future. In the same year was presented to mark "Efini" designed to compete with the brand "Lexus" and "infinity" on the American car market. Thanks to the successful work on the evolution of rotary engines, factory team "Mazda" was able to win in the most prestigious Motorsport marathon 24 hours of Le Mans in 1991.

However, the crisis of the Japanese economy had a negative impact on the further growth of the company. However, this has not stopped the company to produce another successful car - Mazda, Demio that European and American automotive market was known as the Mazda 2. In 1995, concern, Ford has expanded its stake to 35%, thus gaining full control over the production rate of the brand "Mazda". As a result, all subsequent cars both brands have a common platform that allows cheaper production.

In 2000, the company "Mazda" was the first representative of the automotive industry, which introduced a system of feedback with its customers by means of the Internet, which allowed to significantly increase the efficiency of the marketing Department, as well as to make certain modifications in their cars. A year later received the first fruits of this work, which has allowed the company to release their first family sedan, the Mazda Atenza. In addition, in the same year was presented the second generation of the Roadster brand named RX-8.

In 2005 began another update of the model range of the company, which by that time included compact hatchbacks and sedans. The first new model was the Mazda 5 is the mid-sized multi-purpose vehicle intended for sale in Europe and the United States, and in 2006 he was presented the first all-wheel-drive car brand - mid-size crossover Mazda CX-7. A year later he was presented a full-sized version of the 7th model, which had two extra seats and a more powerful six-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 273 horsepower. The model is called the Mazda CX-9, and its first generation was sold exclusively in the United States of America. By 2008, has been completely updated with all relevant cars Japanese brand that subsequently allowed to expand the target audience of the company.

In 2012 he was presented the first car brand is a compact crossover Mazda CX-5 received a new appearance, which became a defining moment for all other models of the company "Mazda", modernized over the next year. In addition, in early 2013 was announced the release of new sports models with rotary engines of the new generation.

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