History of Mercury

In 1938 American car company "Mercury" was founded, which was part of the company "Ford". The brand was founded after the son of the company founder, Edsel Ford, conducted a study of the automotive market of the United States of America, having come to the conclusion that there are no models of the middle class to compete with the car brand "Buick" and "Oldsmobile" gaining popularity in those years. In addition, the variance between budget classes-Ford and luxury "Lincolns" there was an urgent need to take, and appeared brand "mercury".

The first model of a company called Mercury 8 was introduced in 1939, just months before the outbreak of the Second World War. The engine model is situated eight-cylinder petrol engine with 95 HP. Thanks to successful sales, as well as sympathy from the government of the United States of America, model 8 was held on the conveyor until 1942, when the whole industry of the country passed to the army and the war effort of the allies. The most popular steel sanitary cars and light compact buses Mercury.

In 1945, emaciated Ford has embarked on a major restructuring of the entire production process and product line that led to the unification of the two brands - "mercury" and "Lincoln". Engineers mercury immediately began to create a new model, but it took a long 4 years.

The second model, and the first post-war, was presented at the end of 1949. She became the Ford Vedette, which was produced in two versions - compact under the trademark Ford for the European automotive market, and a full size for sale in the United States under the brand name "mercury". The engine model was located 4.2-liter power unit of the new generation, developed by engineers of the brand "Lincoln".

In 1950 was presented sedan Mercury Monterey, equipped with automatic transmission shift merc-o-MATIC. However, because of the many flaws in the design of the suspension, was released the second generation model after just two years after the first sale of Monterey. The main differences in the updated car steel leather beauty from artificial materials and body type hardtop.

In 1954, was presented another model of Mercury, called Sun Valley, which became the world's first car with a panoramic roof. In addition, this model became the first post-war machine company "Ford", equipped with eight-cylinder power unit. The pinnacle of the evolution of the eight-cylinder engine was the release of the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser, equipped with engine capacity of 290 horsepower. And in 1958 was presented one of the most successful models of mercury that time - Parc Lane, which had a length of 5.5 meters and engine from the "Turnpike Cruiser" power of 306 horsepower. It is noteworthy that the car was equipped with a automatic gearbox with steering wheel controls, which allowed again to bring the cars of "mercury" to a new level of luxury. In addition, after opening another car group division Ford, dubbed "Edsel", in honor of the son of company founder Henry Ford, the company "mercury" has begun to develop a car for the brand. However, due to low demand for unreasonably expensive machines "Edsel", financial wealth "mercury" staggered slightly, but in 1960 he was again received a handsome profit, thanks, in particular, the closure of the brand "Edsel".

However, in subsequent years, trends in the automotive market in the U.S. has changed dramatically, which has led to increased demand for compact cars, and the reduction of luxurious and powerful models. The company "Ford" tried to respond very quickly to these changes, presenting under the brand name mercury in 1960 model of Comets, which was a slightly modified Ford Falcon's Twister. The engine model was located six-cylinder 2.3-liter power unit, later improved to 4 liters.

In 1967, after the newly increased demand for luxury cars, was presented model mercury Cougar, equipped with eight-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 335 horsepower. However, successful sales lasted only for 3 years, then started the world fuel crisis, allowing compact cars of Japanese brands to gain a huge market share in the United States of America. Over the next 10 years selling cars mercury fell rapidly, especially sad it looked on the background of stable sales growth two other brands of concern "Ford" and "Lincoln". In addition, the desire of the leadership to continuously upgrading powerful eight and six-cylinder engines has led the company to bankruptcy, which forced the parent company "Ford" to pay off huge debts "mercury".

In 1992, after the conclusion of "Ford" Union with the Japanese brand "Nissan", which became responsible for the further development of cars mercury, having, in addition to a solid stake in the loss-making brand, was presented to van Mercury Villager equipped chassis from the Nissan President. Under the hood is a 3.3-liter engine Ford 180 horsepower, which worked in conjunction with automatic gearbox mercury. Sales gradually went up, and in 1994 was the first profit, manual Ford began to hope for the best outcome, adding to the lineup of "mercury" model Mystic, representing a modified and improved Ford Mondeo. Also, this model became the first among cars mercury, which had just two engine choices. Under the hood, the choice of the buyers could have is 2 or 2.5-liter engine, with a capacity of 126 or 173 horsepower, which worked together with a five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic transmission.

A few months saw the light of the luxury sedan Mercury Tracer - similar Ford Escort, equipped with expensive leather interior, all-wheel-drive chassis and engine with a capacity of 127 horsepower. In addition, since 1995 the model was available in two different body styles - sedan and wagon, and the production of mercury Tracer was localized in Japan at the factory Mazda to launch sales in the European automotive market. In 1998 saw the light of the third generation mercury Tracer and updated mercury Cougar, which was released as a front-wheel drive three-door coupe with engine capacity of 125 and 170 horsepower.

Since 2000, after a serious change in management structure of the company "Ford" and the acquisition of two new brands - Volvo" and "land Rover", " mark "mercury" has become a subsidiary of "Lincoln" and the company has started to produce more successful car brand Lincoln.

In 2003 was presented model Mercury Montagnier, who became a luxury version of the Ford Explorer, one of the most popular SUVs on the American car market. The engine model was located power unit with a capacity of 292 horsepower, which was developed by the engineers of "Lincoln". Next presented several luxury versions of cars "Ford", after which, it was announced the gradual elimination of the brand "mercury", and the transfer of all the employees in "Lincoln," which by that time was the largest division of Ford. Thus, a legendary brand "Mercury" ceased to exist in 2010.

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