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In 1927, was registered English car company "MG", founded by designer William Morris, who, as the head and founder of another British brand "Morris",for many years engaged in the creation of prototypes of cars of different classes. In the same year was presented compact sports Roadster MG Midjet, which had a huge impact on all subsequent models of sports cars of other brands. Just a couple of years "MG", William Morris sells its main company "Morris Motors, making it the Manager of the famous Manager of the time Leonard Lord.

In the 1950s the company "MG", successfully survived the Second World War, through the supply of the power units for aviation in the UK, passed under the control of the concern "BMC", which also includes "Aston Martin". For 16 years, was presented the range of new models, which was in great demand among buyers from the UK, United States and continental Europe. The main advantage of models has become a unique front suspension, first introduced on the model of the MG Y-Type, followed by the model MGA and MGB, as well as Fastback. The ultimate evolution of cars has become the second generation of MG Midjet presented in 1961. The engine model is located four-cylinder power units with capacity from 46 to 90 horsepower.

However, in 1968 the company of "BMC" includes such brands as "Rover", "Jaguar" and "Triumph" that put an end to the further existence of the "MG". A few months after the acquisition of these brands, the management of "BMC" closed mark "MG", and the company began production of cars Rover.

In 1982 the company "British Leyland", the former "BMC", decided to resume the mark "MG". Presented compact models Underground, Maestro, enjoyed good demand among buyers in the UK market, but because of the success of another compact car "British Leyland" - "Mini" - production of MG cars were phased out again.

In 2000 the company "Rover", which was part of the British Leyland", as well as all production facilities "MG" and "Mini" were sold to German concern BMW. Thus was created the company "MG-Rover, which began production of cars "BMW" for the UK automotive market. However, enterprises were found to be unprofitable. The company "MG-Rover" lost units - brand "Mini", which became an independent division of BMW with manufacturing facilities in the UK. In the process of the gradual closure of the firm, she tried to release several new models in 2004, but after a year of MG-Rover went under control of the Chinese company Nanjing Auto.

Plants "MG" in the UK were closed, and car production was moved to China, where local engineers immediately began to update its model range Rover car of 2004. Due to the fact that all technology British stamps were passed to "Nanjing Auto", were presented model 550 MG, 6 and 350, which became very popular in the Chinese automotive market. In addition, in 2009 an agreement was signed with the Italian concern FIAT, which led to the start of production of cars under the brand "MG" exclusive for the Chinese market. In 2011, it was announced a partnership with General motors, which allowed us to begin production of the model 5 MG, which in 2013 has been sold in the automotive market of the United States of America.

Due to the significant investments of the parent company, in a renewed concern "MG" was based racing division "Triple Eight Race Engineering, successfully acting in the British touring championship.

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