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In 1958 the British company British Motor Corp has founded automotive brand "Mini". Company history began in 1956, when the Suez crisis clearly demonstrated the problems of the world system fuel supplies, bringing up the fact that in the UK were introduced coupons for gasoline. At this time the head of the company "British motors" Leonard Lord has created a team of engineers, instructing them to create as compact car, the fuel consumption would be the minimum value, while maintaining the ability to put in the cabin 4 adults and necessary baggage.

For two years there were continuous operation, and after the registration of the trademark "Mini", it was announced that production of the first model of the brand. However, the start of sales was delayed for several months due to the fact that it took a long time to create a large supply of copies of Mini dealers across the UK. The engine model is located 0,8-liter engine developed by another company as part of the company "British Motor" - "Morris", which just began production of cars "Mini" in their plants under the name "Morris Mini Minor".

Car sales "Mini" was launched in August 1959, and in 5 months sold more than 20 thousand copies of the Mini. However, the first party also demonstrated the company's engineers a number of technicalities that had to be solved by making changes during the final pre-sale preparation. However, since 1960 were produced weekly over 3 thousand copies weekly Mini, and on the wave of success Leonard Lord began to create a dealer network of "Mini" in India, as well as instructed the design office of his company to start a new project.

In 1961, Cooper brothers, heads of the eponymous team of Formula 1, presented his version of the popular Mini, equipping it more powerful powertrain. The car was very successful, and Mini Cooper in the modification of S introduced in 1963 was to take part in the world rally championship, on the rights of the bolide newly formed team, "Cooper". Already in the second year of participation was defeated in the most prestigious body race - rally Monte Carlo, and in 1966 Mini Cooper became the champion of the vehicle, allowing their riders to win 6 out of 7 wins on the slopes of the World Rally Championship.

In 1966 the "British Motor Corporation" includes a company "Jaguar". The company's engineers "Jaguar" were aimed at the design Bureau "Mini", where he participated in the work on the new model Mini Clubman. It should be noted that the number of modifications of the Mini, the total number of instances exceeded 1 million in 1969. However, due to a serious outflow of funds from the most successful and profitable project "BMC", upgrade cars "Mini" was completely stopped. In 1986, rolled off sounding instance Mini. However, this was the end of the original story "Mini," which was part of the group "Rover" until 1994, after which came under the control of the German brand BMW.

6 years later, after the partition of the brand "Land Rover", when BMW sold the American company Ford off-road division, the question arose about how to deal with success, but forgotten the brand name "Mini". The leadership of the Bavarian company has decided to revive the company, and at the same time to test new developments. The first model of the company "Mini", moved back to the UK, became the model of the Mini Coupe in 2001, equipped with a 1.6 liter power unit with a capacity of 115 horsepower.

Then followed a whole range of Mini cars that are still in demand in the European automotive market. On the wave of success it was decided to start deliveries in 2004, hire a Mini in the United States, Russia and China. However, there are many versions of the same model, though successful, did not please the parent company, which led to the beginning of work on the first all-wheel-drive Mini.

So in 2010, was presented Mini Countrymen, built on the basis of the BMW X3 first generation. In addition to the original design in the style of classic cars Mini and a bright palette of exterior colors, it was decided to keep the technical component of the X3. Under the hood is located 1.6-litre power unit, with a capacity of 122 and 164 horsepower. In addition, the company "Mini" began to take part in the rally-RAID Paris-Dakar winning in 2012, his first title, and defended the title of best all-wheel drive crossover in 2013.

In 2012, the company "Mini" has had its own tuning workshop, called Cooper. So gradually lineup was added modifications each version Mini in the performance of Cooper, which developed the original aerodynamic bodykit and upgraded existing power units together with BMW mechanics.

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