History of Mitsubishi

The Japanese company Mitsubishi was founded in 1880. However, the first attempts to create the car were taken only in 1917. So was the model A, which has not got much popularity and was quickly discontinued. Then the company switched to build a truck, in parallel with the improvement of production technology of power units for aircraft and cars.

In 1921, was presented to the truck Mitsubishi T1, which within two years is widespread in the automotive market in Japan, and in 1923 the model was adopted for service with the army. Thanks to the signing lucrative contract with the government, the company "Mitsubishi" obtained the necessary funds to start large-scale works on creation of new cars. As a result of these studies, the engineers introduced in 1931, the first Japanese car Mitsubishi 450AD, with a diesel power unit. And in 1932 was the first bus company, has the same diesel engine that I model. In 1934 were presented two models of buses with diesel engine, but of greater interest was aroused by the announcement of all-wheel-drive car hire "Mitsubishi" in 1935. At the same time, there were two separate companies within the group, one for the production of military equipment, the second production trucks "Fuso".

In 1939 the company goes to the production of bombers and power units for aircraft, tanks and heavy equipment, completely ceasing all other projects. The second World War had a terrible impact on the company "Mitsubishi", which by 1945 had either been completely destroyed or given completely unusable for further use. Due to the crisis of the entire economy of Japan, the group was divided into 40 separate companies, some of which came under the control of American and British entrepreneurs. At the same time, such measures helped to keep in the hands of the founders of the "Mitsubishi" some part of production, which allowed to resume vehicle production in 1946. So was presented ultra-compact three-wheeled car Mitsubishi Mizushima. However, the model was not a success, but it has not prevented to expand the range of products. In the same year were presented scooter Mitsubishi silver, as well as the bus B1 with a unique power unit, working not only on gasoline, but, virtually any flammable liquid. In 1951 there was a renewed production of trucks Mitsubishi, called t and T33. In addition, he was presented the first in the Japanese market model truck with folding cabin.

In 1952, began deliveries of products in Thailand and Chile, where buyers appreciated the reliability and low cost models of Mitsubishi. In addition, after the occupation of Japan, the company again began to merge, becoming one of the largest conglomerates in the country. In 1956, began selling the first truck with the power unit, located behind the cab.

In 1961 was presented model compact sports sedan, which has won many awards in the most prestigious racing competitions Asia. Based on this success, began the conquest of the world automotive market. So in 1963, began deliveries of buses Mitsubishi in Canada, and in 1964 the government of Egypt has bought a batch of 100 eight tons ' trucks Mitsubishi t.

If anticipating the fuel crisis, the Japanese company produces two compact model - the Mini and the Colt, who became the record for the minimum fuel consumption. In addition, was presented to the Mitsubishi GALANT is a compact sedan that focuses on the automotive market in the United States of America. After successful entry into the American market began large-scale production of compact sedans and hatchbacks, whose main feature was the low fuel consumption.

One of the key moments in the history of the company "Mitsubishi" occurred in 1982, when he was presented SUV Pajero first generation. Simple design and powerful diesel engine made it the most popular off-road car in the world. And after the modernization model in 1991, off-road vehicles from Japan have become the benchmark of quality for a long period.

By 1998, the American division "Mitsubishi" became part of Daimler-Chrysler, which allowed the Japanese brand to expand its presence in the automotive market in the U.S. and Canada. However, all cooperation was gradually reduced to that sedans and hatchbacks Mitsubishi were sold in North America under the brand name Dodge, and SUVs have kept the brand name "Mitsubishi". However, the success found a Japanese company in Europe - in the Netherlands was opened factory marks and signed a strategic agreement with the French company Peugeot-Citroen.

At the same time, the engineers were not sitting idle, having begun work on the creation of the first crossover and the new generation Mitsubishi Lancer. Mid-size crossover Mitsubishi Outlander saw the light in 2003, and a year later was presented to the ninth generation Lancer. It should be noted that since these models have plummeted selling mid-size sedans Mitsubishi GALANT and charisma. Buyers increasingly prefer AWD model. In 2001, Mitsubishi takes part in the prestigious rally-RAID Paris-Dakar who wins in one gate over the next eight years.

By 2005, the Japanese brand "Mitsubishi" is rapidly gaining popularity, and the company's engineers produce new models. However, last updated Pajero did not bring the expected success, but, due to the range of cars crossover sales remain high. In 2007 she released an update Outlander, which becomes the new leader in the model range of the company, and with the European automotive market disappear all compact models, with the exception of the Lancer.

In 2008, engineers from Mitsubishi participate in the creation of all-wheel drive vehicles for Peugeot and Citroen, and started the production of a new generation of petrol engines, equipped with the world's first boost system maintaining low fuel consumption while increasing engine power. In the same year began the construction of several factories in China, where for a long time was made Mitsubishi cars under different brands local brands.

In 2009 presented the first model of the company "Mitsubishi", with hybrid and electric engines, which marked a new milestone in the history of the automotive industry. Unlike many other manufacturers, the Japanese firm launched serial production of one of their electric cars, called the I-Miev. Also were presented jointly with the company "Citroen", which resulted in the complete monopolization of the market of vehicles with an electric motor, because 95% of all models sold were equipped with power unit from Mitsubishi. And in 2011, the world saw the first compact crossover company called ASX.

In 2012, it was announced about the launch of the new generation of Outlander, received a new design and a whole range of engines, one of which was the motor of higher power. In 2013, plans were announced for the release of "Mitsubishi" on the market of luxury cars, through technological cooperation with other Japanese automaker company "Infinity". It is expected that under the brand name "Mitsubishi" will be sedans, which will allow the brand back on the market for classic cars.

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