History of Neoplan

Brand Neoplan, which makes high-quality buses, owned by "MAN AG" through "neoman bus", which is its subsidiary. Its history began in 1935, when Gottlob Auwaerter opened his own company for the production of buses in Stuttgart. He used as the basis of chassis of trucks, however, as most manufacturers of that time. However, at the beginning of the Second World war the plant staff was mobilized, and then his power were used to repair injured in combat aviation.

Only after the war Auwerter was able to resume production of civilian goods. He designed the bus, which had a bearing body. In 1953, the model went into a series, and just then there appeared the brand name Neoplan. In 1957 the Auwerter bus received pneumatic suspension, due to which they have become much more comfortable for passengers.

In 1960, "Gottlob Auwarter GmbH & Co" came on gradually emerging market special buses intended for airports. The company has released an articulated model with low floors (35 cm). And in 1961 were first introduced buses, which had large Windows in the passenger compartment for easy viewing. After another 3 years the company started manufacturing tourism transport, releasing a two-storey Do-Bus.

Export route was opened in the company in 1974. The first buses Neoplan were sent to Ghana, and later they conquered the markets of Europe, USA and Asia.

In 2001, the company MAN" bought "Gottlob Auwarter", and renamed it "Neoplan", using the brand as a name for the new branch. Changing owners, the brand has remained recognizable and continued to produce a wide range of buses, regularly updating and improving the model. In 2007 a contract was signed, according to which "Neoplan" delivered 400 buses for urban transport in Dubai.

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