History of Nissan

In 1933, Japanese automobile company Nissan was founded. However, the first years of its existence, the group has dedicated to the production of automobiles under the brand name "Datsun". In 1934, was presented the first car brand called Nissanocar, and in 1935 was the first on the territory of the car, which was built entirely of Japanese components.

During the first World war the company started production of buses and trucks, conducting active research in the field of new generation of internal combustion engines. At the end of the war, within two years, mark has overseen the release of small quantities of trucks for the occupying forces. After recovery of fixed production capacity, Nissan began production of cars. The first was a compact Datsun, equipped with only the most necessary options and reliable petrol motor own Assembly.

In 1950, the plant was opened in diesel power units for buses and trucks a number of Japanese brands, including the company "Toyota". After 2 years, an agreement was concluded with the British company "Austin", which has invested heavily in the further modernization of factories, "Nissan", which led to the beginning of the licensed Assembly of cars Austin for the domestic car market of Japan in 1953.

However, the key event that defined the further development of the company in the years ahead, happened in 1955, when he was presented off-road car Nissan Patrol. And one of the features of the frame of the jeep was under the hood of the first Japanese engine with six cylinders.

In 1958, started selling cars Nissan in the United States of America. After 2 years was presented compact sedan Nissan Cedric, who enjoyed great popularity, both in the automotive market in Asia and in the United States.

In 1962 was presented to the family model of the Nissan Skyline, which three years later received the sport modification, defined a new niche in the lineup of Japanese companies. In 1966, he was presented Datsun Sunny, became the best selling car company "Nissan" in the twentieth century, winning the European car market and received a number of awards British avtoakademiya. The main advantage of this model was that it was simple and reliable, than could not differ European cars of the time. In 1967 he was presented the car for the family of the Emperor, marked the beginning of a series of luxury cars Nissan luxury.

After upgrading the model range of the company in the 70-ies of the twentieth year, manual Nissan took a course on intensive development of the American automobile market, therefore, were opened factories in the Western and Eastern coasts of the USA. Thanks to a number of factors, including fuel crisis, economical and inexpensive car Japanese firms were in great demand on both sides of the ocean.

In 1982, began production of a new family of model - minivan Prairie. Two years later the victory was won at the prestigious rally RAID Paris-Dakar, where Nissan patrol did not leave any chance to the competitors, then, began development of a compact family SUV Terrano, which went on sale in 1986. On the wave of success, in 1989, was based luxury division of the Japanese brand called "Infiniti" and presented at the time exclusively on the automotive markets of the USA and Canada.

In 1992 he was presented a compact car Nissan Micra, have been widely used in the automotive markets of developing countries. In 1999, after a long economic crisis within the company "Nissan", were submitted paper on the recognition of the firm's bankruptcy, but in time to become involved in the struggle for life of the Japanese brand, the company "Renault", prevented the closure of the brand. So, the French company bought a controlling stake in Nissan, becoming not only a technological partner of the company, but also generously adding to its budget in the years ahead.

So, were presented to a number of collaborative models, then the engineers at Nissan have started to create a universal platform for cars of different classes. In addition, thanks to the Japanese brand, Renault was able to enter the market of all-wheel drive vehicles.

Since 2003 introduced many new models of the company, which has won a number of awards, but the key moment was the release of the world's first crossover of the middle class Nissan Murano, which has become very popular in the automotive market of the USA. In addition, infinity used Murano as a base for model FX, also became very successful in the class of luxury off-road auto. It should be noted that by 2012, the company "Nissan" was the only car manufacturer in the world, which has in its lineup of all-wheel drive vehicles of all classes, from the smallest budget to the full-size premium.

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