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Few people know that the history of the famous "jeep" originates from the 20-ies of the last century and is closely associated with the brand "Willis". Initially, the automaker was named "Standard Wheel Company" and its sole owner was a young engineer with a brilliant talent Claude Cox. And began its takeoff company with a significant failure on the American stock exchange, where its owners, which included as David Perry, there is no money even for the production of ordered John Willis auto.

Later, the financial genius Willis, find out all the circumstances of the disrupted order, purchased the company, and held a renaming in "Willys-Overland Motor Company" (1912). By the time the engineer-founder has left the firm for classes invention.

Willis immediately identified the main areas of work - cars for all classes of the population using the latest developments in the field of auto engineering. For this, he did not skimp on salaries for interested developers. During the great Depression Willis died of a heart attack, unable to withstand the bankruptcy procedures, and management "jeep" s-overland took Joseph-Cruiser in 1938.

Already in the 1940s the company was able to take an order for 16 thousand cars, which became the progenitors of the brand "Jeep" for the American army.

After the war the production of army jeeps had not stopped, but their modified versions are now produced for the civilian population. In the 1970s, the company collapsed, but its development is still have good potential in the production of SUVs.

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