History of Packard

In 1899, a small American company "Packard" was founded for the production of self-propelled carriages of their own design. Just 2 years later the new owner of the brand has become a major entrepreneur Henry joy, who invested huge funds in its new acquisition, opening as factory complex in the automotive capital of North America the city of Detroit. In 1904, after years of work, was presented the first production model of the company "Packard", named L. Packard Due to the fact that the chief designer of the machine were made by French specialist Charles Schmidt, the car was unique to American cars of the time design.

In 1912 the company "Packard has unveiled its first car of a class "Lux", called Dominants six and is equipped with six-cylinder power unit of the latest generation. The success of this car brand in competition with a number of luxury cars from other manufacturers allowed for the next 5 years to prepare a whole range of Executive cars, which were in great demand among the Industrialists and politicians, and gangsters. After the First World War and during the great Depression, "Packard" one of the few automotive companies of the United States could not simply save the output, but in time to increase profits.

During the Second World War the company "Packard" was actively involved in the construction of aircraft power units, which were light weight and high reliability through the use of revolutionary alloys. However, at the end of the war, mark "Packard" has not received the profits, as promised by the U.S. government. This has resulted in the production of civilian models, resumed in 1946, was limited to only one model. And in 1954 the company "Packard" became part of the concern "Studebaker", which completely stopped the production of the brand's models in 1958, running new developments under its own brand.

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