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In 1992 Italian automobile company "Pagani" was founded, at the helm of which stood a former employee of the engineering Department of the brand "Lamborgini" Horatio Pagani. In 1988 Horatio started to work on a sports car C8, which was planned to be named after the legendary Argentine racer, Fangio, had a significant impact on the Pagani. However, work on the creation of a body model was delayed, and the wind tunnel of Dallar gave conflicting results, so Horatio was forced to postpone the start of serial production model. However, in 1994, things went uphill after the project began to take part personally Fangio. Thanks to its long-standing relations with Mercedes-Benz was awarded the contract to supply powertrain Mercedes AMG for future models of the brand "Pagani". But in 1995, Juan Manuel Fangio dies, leaving Horatio to do a project yourself.

In 1998, the premiere of the first car brand, which was named Pagani Zonda, selected by Fangio in 1994. Mid-engined lightweight sportscar received carbon-fibre monocoque, sectility power unit with a capacity of 394 horsepower. And in 1999, was issued a modification of the Probes with a capacity of 480 horsepower.

In the next 10 years Horatio Pagani has released a number of modifications of the Probes, which have attracted the attention of buyers from all over Europe. And in 2009 the company "Pagani" started production of automobiles under the individual order. In 2011, introduced a new model of the brand, called Pagani of Weir, equipped with 12-cylinder power unit with a capacity of 700 horsepower, and the car body was made of a unique alloy, which is almost two times stronger than carbon fiber. A year later the company "Pagani" opened applications for the model of the Weir, having more than five hundred orders for the first year, which exceeded the anticipated production volumes in 5 times.

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