History of Peterbilt

The American company "Peterbilt" was founded in 1939, to start the production of heavy artillery tractors and trucks for the armed forces of the United States of America. In 1944, the firm also began to create several prototypes of the automobile wheel drive vehicles, but after the Second World War in 1945, moved on to the production of civil engineering. So in 1948 in the sale of light trucks and delivery vans Peterbilt equipped with engines from "Kenworth" and "Ford".

In 1959 a new technology partner of the company "Peterbilt" is the German company Volkswagen, which sought to create a positive image in the automotive market in the USA and in 1980, his place was taken by the group "MAN". Thanks to the cooperation with the European brands, the American company was able to offer original and not so popular in USA models of light trucks. However, the production of full-sized bonnet tractors more profitable, and in 1988 the company "Peterbilt" have merely using powertrain mark "the MAN" by Europeans full rights to the production of light and medium trucks in Mexico, Argentina and the European automotive market.

In 1993 presented the first model of the company "Peterbilt" with diesel engines of his own design, which were recognized as the most cost-effective among the competition. And in 1999 was resumed production of sleepers, but in contrast to its predecessors, the new generation of long haulers began to treat the premium, due to the maximum personalization driver's seat.

In 2008 the company "Peterbilt" opened a new plant in Nashville, completely moved from California in 2009. And in 2010 I got an order from the U.S. government to create a heavy military vehicle to send to Afghanistan.

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