History of Peugeot

The French company Peugeot was founded in 1896. Thanks to a successful approach to building the first model, the Peugeot was able to immediately find a buyer and began to produce 500 copies of his first cars annually. In addition, in parallel with the release of the hire company engaged in the production of bicycles, which provided a good profit for further investment in the creation of new models of cars.

In 1905, was presented the second model Peugeot BeBe, which became the most popular car in the automotive market in France in the period from 1905 to 1910. And in 1913 was presented another model known as the Peugeot Goux and had a 7.6-liter power unit, the most powerful among those that were made in France. Thanks to this model, the company was able to declare itself to the whole world, because Goux was set the speed record on the track "Indianapolis" in the United States of America. However, after the First World War, the French brand has moved to the production of military equipment and heavy trucks for the army and the government.

In 1919, was the first mass car company Peugeot - model Quadrilette, equipped with a 0.6-liter engine. A year later came the model Type 156, equipped with a more powerful power unit 25 horsepower. In 1926 the company "Peugeot" first in France began to produce cars with a diesel engine. After three years was presented model Peugeot 201 with independent suspension is the cheapest machine on the automotive market in France.

Another model was the world's first convertible with a retractable roof, created "Peugeot" in 1934. Then followed several models of compact cars with aerodynamically styled design. A year later he was presented the first French luxury car - Peugeot 402, which had a significant impact on the design of the post-war cars of many brands of Europe.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, all the plants of the brand switched to the production of military equipment for the army in France and Belgium, the number of products included armored cars Peugeot, aircraft engines, and even machine guns. However, the occupation has seriously hit the welfare of the firm, not helped by the release of the first electric car Peugeot. It was sold 377 instances, after the government banned its sale.

The production of automobiles Peugeot resumed only in 1946, after the release of a compact family model 202, which was quickly replaced by more sophisticated Peugeot 203 in 1949. In 1955 the company began a collaboration with the Italian design Studio "Pininfarina", resulting in brand new Peugeot 403. And from 1958, the French company enters the automobile market in the United States, offering its reliable and affordable cars with a great discount, in which the conversion was 30% of the cost models in the automotive market in Europe.

In 1961 was a new generation mid-size model 404, took a greater market share than Peugeot 403. In 1963 was presented the prestigious new model 504 coupe, which was a joint creation with all the same Studio "Pininfarina". After 3 years, it was announced the signing of a contract with one of the main competitors - the company "Renault", which became a technological ground "Peugeot" long 14 years. In the course of cooperation have developed six-cylinder 2.7-litre power units installed on the most expensive models of both brands.

In 1972 it was announced the cooperation with the company "Volvo", and just two years later, thanks to generous subsidies from the French government, the company Peugeot bought a controlling stake in another French brand "Citroen" mired in debt because of unnecessarily wasteful approach to the creation of new models. Thus, manual Peugeot has got at its disposal a popular brand, which had a number of patents and inventions. In addition, a successful acquisition provided the company a true racing team, which was part of one of the subsidiaries of "Citroen" brand "Maserati". However, just six months later, in 1975, "Maserati" was sold, which allowed the new group Peugeot-Citroen to avoid crisis.

In 1978, the combined company "Peugeot-Citroen" buys European division of the American company "Chrysler" because it was on the verge of bankruptcy because of their inability to compete with European brands. However, this acquisition the group incurred only serious losses, which led to the beginning of a long crisis and loss of profits in the period from 1980 to 1985.

In part, the situation was rectified by expanding brand presence in China and the middle East. Were created a joint venture with a Chinese company Doping" with the Iranian company "Iran Khodro". There were presents commercial vehicles under the brands Peugeot and Citroen, equipped with diesel engines increased wear resistance.

During the postwar history of concern "Peugeot-Citroen" his life was closely connected with Motorsport. In 1981, the factory team Peugeot has won the world rally championship. Navigator of the champion crew, a young mechanic Jean Todt who later became a Manager of a racing team Ferrari and the international automobile Federation, at the request of management Peugeot started to create the sports division of the brand. However, it ceased to exist in 1999, going under the control of "Citroen", successfully exploited the extensive technical base and created the most successful rally team ever to win with Sebastian Lebon 9 titles in a row.

By the beginning of the 21st century was presented to the seventh generation of cars "Peugeot", and the first of them was the Peugeot 307. However, sales in the United States of America and Canada has not met expectations, and in 2009, the French company went with the automotive market in North America, focusing only on technical support hire his new partner's Japanese "Mitsubishi" brand. That Japanese engineers helped the French group to release their first four-wheel drive vehicle - Peugeot 4007 and Citroen C-Crosser in 2008. Cooperation with Mitsubishi allowed to spend another modernization, were presented AWD platform for full-size sedans, sport gearbox with a wide swing.

In 2010, was founded jointly with Mitsubishi venture to produce diesel power units intended for installation on the entire current lineup of the company "Peugeot-Citroen. In addition, in 2012, was presented the first electric car of concern under the brand "Citroen", which was jointly developed with the Japanese company Mitsubishi. In 2013, were presented the first car company with a fully eco-friendly diesel engines to meet new standards of environmental contamination Euro-5, introduced in 2015 throughout the European Union.

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