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The history of the German brand Porsche began in 1931, when Ferdinand Porsche, the famous designer of the time, worked in the "Auto Union" and "Daimler", decided to establish its own brand of cars. Having extensive experience in working on cars for a variety of brands, as well as a PhD engineer, Ferdinand Porsche had been in the 1930s in the USSR, where he was offered in conjunction with your engineering staff to move to the young socialist state and to debug the military industry. In the end, he refused and a year later, after returning home, registered trademark "Dr. Ing. H. C. F. Porsche GmbH".

However, the next car, which is one of the key throughout the career of Ferdinand Porsche, was the Volkswagen Krafter, developed in 1936 by order personally by Adolf Hitler as the popular German car. Gradually the rest of the German auto manufacturers began to give up their positions in the automotive market of the country, Ferdinand Porsche in 1939 introduced the first car under its own brand Porsche 64, based on Crafter and uses about 70% of the components from the first car brand Volkswagen.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, talent Porsche was in demand in the development of military equipment, were presented Tiger tanks, artillery tractors and a whole line of trucks that was built by Ferdinand Porsche in the elite of Germany. But he tended to create cars. Ferdinand wrote an open letter to the leadership of the country, where he said that is no longer going to work at a military dictatorship, for which he was deprived of all privileges, just six months before the end of the war. Recent developments amphibians Porsche based on the VW beetle, and power units for heavy military equipment were put into mass production in February 1945, without the consent of Ferdinand Porsche. At the same time, designer together with his son moved to Austria, where they meet the end of the war.

With the overthrow of Hitler, the occupation government, where each of the parties wanted to see the famous designer citizen of his country, could not agree, the USSR or the United States of America will be sent to Porsche. As a result, in December 1945, the father and son were arrested. The Anton Ferdinand Porsche was released from prison after 20 months after the conclusion, and the French Ministry of justice, has kept the legendary designer in custody until March 1947. Ferdinand Porsche in poor conditions seriously undermined his health, and after his release from prison was limited to advising the son, and gradually withdrew from the creation of cars. The legendary designer died in 1951, and his son had to solve a number of problems, including the search for investors, due to the fact that the Austrian government has arrested not only all the property of the brand Porsche, and personal accounts of the father and the son.

The financial support of the owners of the advertising Agency from Zurich, Form, and background of Zenger, recreated brand Porsche moved to Stuttgart, where d headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in nearby rooms small workshop body repair for the brand Daimler.

In 1952, was presented easy model 1100 modifications in body coupe and convertible, and the engine was located power unit of Volkswagen, with a capacity of 40 horsepower. By 1956 was presented 6 more versions of this model, each of which received a more powerful motor, rising in value and gradually, taking positions in the market. However, in 1959, after the Porsche model range B, were presented to the engines, which had a revolutionary dual clutch that allowed the car to lose a minimum of power when switching to a higher gear.

In 1963 was presented the most famous model of the company, participation in the development of which took himself Anton Ferdinand Porsche, rear-wheel drive zadnemotornoy compact coupe Porsche 911. In addition, were presented to the first modification of the car brand Porsche to race in different classes. A year later he was presented model 912, which was a cheaper version of the 911, intended for sale in the United States of America. The engine model was located 1.6-liter four-cylinder power unit, a power of 90 horsepower. By 1965, was released more than 76 thousand copies of the brand's models.

In 1972 the company "Porsche" has ceased to be a closed joint stock company, as a public company. After placing shares family Porsche-Piech, lost complete control of the brand, thus, retaining only a controlling stake. During these years, the sons of Anton Ferdinand Porsche founded in parallel the company "Porsche Design". However, at the same time, he broke conflict with his eldest son Ferdinand, who left the family business, going to work in the company "Audi", later becoming CEO of Volkswagen. The conflict between the descendants of the company founder, has led to the fact that the new head of the company "Porsche" was Ernst Fuhrmann, family Porsche retained a seat on the Board of Directors.

In 1973 were presented models of the brand with a classic layout that has led to the emergence of a new sports car segment, and a year later was presented with the second generation model 911, which received eight-cylinder power unit with two turbines. Motor power was 260 horsepower, but gradually sales model began to plummet, especially compared to other models of the company, and in 1980 Ernst Fuhrmann was removed from his post, and with it came off the Assembly line and the latest Porsche 911 of the second generation.

In 1983, with the arrival of the new Director General, who became Peter Schutz, former head of the American branch of the brand, began a new era in the company's history. First of all, it was decided to actively promote the brand in motorsports, the best platform for advertising a sports car. An agreement was signed with the team Formula 1 McLaren, which was used Porsche engines under the brand name TAG in the years 1984-1986. For three seasons Niki Lauda and Alain Prost became world Champions, and in 48 races were scored 22 victories. However, after the beginning of the conflict between Ron Dennis, the head of McLaren and Peter Schutz, "Porsche" in Formula 1 was minimized.

In the same 1984, the third generation of the Porsche 911 received off-road version, which took part in the rally-RAID Paris-Dakar, where turbo engines for Formula 1, was issued in two times more horsepower than the motors competitors, which led the German mark headed racer Rene Metum to a convincing victory. The success was repeated in 1986, on a brand new car Porsche 959. However, not all shared the equity participation of the lungs luxury car with high ground clearance heavy off-road class, as a result, Porsche received an official ban on participation in such competitions without a full-fledged SUV.

However, it is not strongly disturbed guide trademark "Porsche", was planned to be a new plan, according to which, the production of cars for private teams participating in daily marathons 24 hours of Le Mans, will be minimized and will be based on a new racing team Porsche. The model Porsche S under the management of former racers of Formula 1 took the victory in 1986 and 1987.

1989 was a real year of change for the German brand Porsche. From the stage, turn left pregnenolone the hire company, and released a new generation of the Porsche 911, which has got modified 996 Carrera. However, the company left the Anton Ferdinand Porsche, retired and did not want to help their successors, being sure that the best years of the brand already behind. There were mass training facilities to the start of production of new models, but the economic crisis of the early 1990s, made its own adjustments. By 1998, which will be remembered not only by the death of the son of the company founder, but also the fiftieth anniversary of the brand.

The company Porsche celebrated the anniversary of the release of a number of models Gran Turismo, completely remade the technical side of their technological developments. However, long-term rivalry within the firm turbocharged and normal motors, some have lowered the sale of the brand. However, it does not hit hard on the welfare of the firm.

Cooperation with the Volkswagen has achieved what the company began to apply a common platform, and the first model was a luxury SUV Porsche Cayenne, introduced in 2002. The engine model was located as a classic motors 300-405 horsepower diesel engines from the brand Volkswagen power of 240 horsepower and a new generation of turbocharged power units, with a capacity of 505 horsepower.

In 2003, he was presented the Porsche Carrera Gran Turismo, remained for 4 years fastest production car, losing his title Pagani Probe at the end of 2007. In 2004 entered the market model 987 Boxster equipped with a 2.9-x and 3.4-liter engine rated at 255 and 310 horsepower, respectively. In addition, the factories were opened trademark "Porsche" in Finland, which allowed to increase the number of produced cars to 190 thousand copies a year. A year later, was presented coupes on the basis of Baxter called Cayman.

In 2007, the family Porsche founded the company "Porsche SE", which purchased 100% of the shares of Volkswagen, which, in turn, complete control of Porsche AG. This year can be considered the next stage of the start of the takeoff to the company. Since 2009 there were more than 7 new models, in addition to the four door sedan Panamera, restyling version of the Porsche Cayenne, it presents a new generation of the Porsche 911 in 2011, which became the best selling car in its class.

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