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Premier Ltd. (formerly known as Premier Automobiles Limited - manufacturer from India, head office which is located in Mumbai. The company was opened in 1941, and for the first time produced cars brands, "Plymouth", "Dodge", "DeSoto" and "Fargo". The quality of the cars was quite high, but due to the poverty of the country annually has not sold more than 20,000 copies, despite the fact that the list of models reached 65 items. To save the automotive industry of the country in 1954 were imposed high duties on imports of parts and components from other countries.

Later, when these duties were abolished, "Premier" has teamed up with Peugeot to produce outdated, but very popular in India, the Peugeot 309. The initial demand has been very high, but low build quality and poorly developed system of dealer services has led to problems that have worsened after the company began Assembly of the Uno models for the brand "FIAT". In 2001 this led to the closure of the plant and to serious criticism in the media, as well as bulk buyers complaints that required to return the money for the machine.

The company was renewed in 2004 with the release of the model a small diesel van Sigma made on the basis of Mitsubishi Varika and with a diesel engine from Isuzu. In subsequent years, we developed several versions of the car, in December 2009 were presented variations with 1.5-liter engine IDI (with and without turbocharging), and 1.8-liter engines 4ZB1.

In 2009 it was also resumed production of passenger cars brand. Model Rio, presented for sale, were made from kits Nomad, produced by the Chinese company "Zotye Auto".

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