History of Raba

Hungarian engineering company "Raba" was founded in 1896. The first years of its existence, it specialized in the production of locomotives, railway equipment and self-propelled carriages. And during the First World War "Slave" has switched to trucks, which for a long time became the main source of income of the firm. In 1922, the production was running agricultural machinery and mid-size trucks. In the 1930's "Slave" specialized on military equipment and started to develop the first bus. Also, during the Second World War on the capacity of the Hungarian company was deployed to the production of internal combustion engines.

However, after the war, the firm was able to resume its activities only in 1948, and came to the production of railway equipment. And after, in 1952, Icarus has unveiled a prototype of its first bus, "Slave" was its main supplier, releasing not only power units, and components for Assembly of bodies and drivetrains. In the 1960s Hungarian company became a major supplier of transmissions for all manufacturers of passenger transport on the territory of the socialist camp. And in 1963 engineers "Slave" was presented by diesel power unit of its own design.

In subsequent years, the company has been actively developing army all-wheel drive trucks, and started production of trolleybuses. In addition, in 1989, an agreement was concluded on the production of freight cars "Renault" under the brand "Slave." And after the collapse of the USSR and the socialist camp, the company began to work closely with Western brands, came to the production of gamma trucks, military vehicles and buses of new generation.

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