History of Riich

Luxury brand "Riich" Chinese car manufacturer Chery was founded in 2009. Guide brand decided to take such a serious step to improve not only the prestige hire a new brand in the Asian region, but also to demonstrate the capabilities of one of the largest automakers in the country.

In the same year were presented several models based on actual hire company "Chery". However, in contrast to the more well-known luxury brands, the brand "Riich" included with howl lineup not only medium and full-sized sedans and crossovers, but also fuel-efficient cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, the capacity of the brand had expanded the production of power units of the new generation, which were equipped with a system of bi, developed luxury division of Toyota. And, in 2011, deliveries of cars "Riich" on imports were stopped, allowing the company to focus on the issue of the prestigious cars for the government and enterprises of China.

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