History of Rolls Royce

British brand "Rolls-Royce" is associated with many expensive and luxury cars, which is the benchmark of excellence in its class.

In 2004 the company Rolls-Royce celebrated the century anniversary, since he started the business of manufacturing of prestigious cars as far back as 1904, when its original site went the first model. This car still exists and is in excellent condition. He founded the firm of Charles Stewart rolls and Frederick Henry Royce.

Until about 1925, the company focused on the development and sale of sports and racing car, repeatedly became winners of the various rallies. Among them it is worth to mention Silver Ghost with seven liter six-cylinder engine, characterized silent operation. In those days, it was a breakthrough in the concept of comfort. The car even got the title of "best in the world" and its sales were consistently high, despite the rather high price.

In the first world, the company has survived through the production of aircraft engines. And in the postwar period "Rolls-Royce" again began developing the cars.

After 1925 Rolls-Royce has released the conveyer luxury series Phantom, which included 3 modification possessed of great power potential of the engine and a luxury interior. Unlike the first modification of the Phantom, two of his descendant had an original and very elegant exterior. The fourth and fifth generation of this series were developed after the 2nd world and sold only to aristocrats, former British Royal court.

In the post-war 40-s the company Rolls-Royce has started manufacturing and selling series Silver, significantly modifying internal "stuffing" and the exterior. Just this line was developed 6 models, other Silver Cloud was produced by three generations United by the powerful presence of the power unit and the original shape of the metal body. Silver Shadow was an attempt to create budget auto mass. Its production was discontinued in 1980 in connection with the nationalization of the company.

Since the 80-s, after the official bankruptcy, started the navigation bar companies from hand to hand. However, the constant re-sale of the brand does not stop developers and, as a division of BMW, Rolls-Royce has released several machines from a series of Silver and Fantom.

In 2009 was presented to the Rolls-Royce Ghost, which was named after the model of the Silver Ghost, released in 1906. The car was the most powerful engine ever fitted to cars of this brand - 563 horsepower. And in 2013 Ghost was released in an updated design.

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