History of Rovin

In 1946 French car company "Rovin" was founded, it specialized in the production of the small budget cars, similar to the model of the Volkswagen beetle, and tricycles designed for sale on the territory of the former overseas colonies of France.

The company "Rovin" practiced using motorcycle powertrains in their models, but in 1949, after the death of the founder of the brand Paolo Pegolo, Marquis Rovina, the case was continued by his son, who proposed to use motors company Peugeot. However, as demand for cars classic type, "Rovin" gradually began to lose their customers, and the production of new models is not allowed to regain the demand. In addition, failure to supply tricycles, appeared in 1955, has led the brand to serious economic problems, which have caused its bankruptcy in 1959, too so that family Rovin.

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