History of Saab

The history of "Saab" as the automaker began in 1947, before the Swedish company engaged in the development and production of aircraft and aircraft engines.

The first model, the Saab 92, reminiscent of the inside of the aircraft with enclosed driver's seat and numerous devices, switches, and buttons, was published in 1949. In addition, the machine had a very decent aerodynamics, which even at the present level looks good. Body-92 Saab was made of solid sheet metal, openings for doors and Windows which were cut. Under the hood there are 2-cylinder 794-CC engine that can develop up to 25 horsepower. The first generation was painted exclusively in dark green color, and only in 1953, when he came the second generation, the cars of "Saab" got green, black, gray or gray-blue color on the choice of the buyer. Saab 92 was very decent machine since the beginning of the production model regularly participated in the racing heats, taking the prize (often the first).

In 1978, the company released Saab 900, which became the most successful model of the brand. The first generation was in production until 1993, and became a classic of the brand, and since 1994 there has appeared the second generation. The car has won many titles and awards, and was produced in many variations - sedan, 3-and 5-door hatchback, convertible, and others. In this model, also used a number of original developments of the company, which gave the car an unusual nature in the driving and become the distinctive feature of the Saab". One of them was the use of turbochargers in the engine in mass production, other manufacturers began to use it much later. An excellent overview of the driver provided a concave windshield - it was inherited by the model airplanes of the same brand. And since 1987 have the opportunity to buy Saab 900 in trim with tight suspension and shock absorbers, seats with leather upholstery, the cabin was installed audio system and air conditioning.

In 1990, "General Motor" bought 50% of Saab". This was seen by fans as the end of the uniqueness of the cars, however, these expectations concern "GM" did not justify retaining the distinctive style of the brand.

In 1994 the company "Saab" running General Motors has released a new version of its best model based on the Opel Vectra. Despite the new chassis, the car has retained its difference from other brands, and the company has grown, allowing her to finally make a profit after 7 years of losing. Safety of machinery also increased due to a new system to protect passengers from side impacts.

In 1997 he released a new model Saab - 9-3 developed for the 50th anniversary of the company. She received a turbocharged diesel engine and an improved pneumatic suspension. And the most successful car brand was renamed from 9-5 900 and got the body type sedan.

In 2000, "Saab" fully becomes the property of General Motors. The next year became iconic brand, Frankfurt auto show, the company demonstrated a new concept car, the design of which had features simultaneously coupe, pickup, Roadster, wagon. Technical filling the car consisted of a four-wheel chassis with aluminum 3-liter turbo engine capable of delivering 300 horsepower. However, the concept did not materialize, and the project was stopped before reaching production.

With the onset of the economic crisis, the group GM decided to sell the company "Saab", as profit from it almost was not. Despite the beginning of the release of quite a promising model of crossover 9-4X, first introduced in 2010 in Los Angeles. In 2011 the company went bankrupt and stopped production of cars. A year later mark "Saab" was purchased by a consortium of National Electric Vehicle Sweden, which decided to use a well known brand for the production of electric vehicles under this name.

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