History of Scania

Swedish engineering company "Scania" was founded in 1911, after the merger of the two largest companies specializing in the manufacture of bicycles and railway equipment. However, the history of the development of self-propelled vehicles began at 9 years earlier, when the company's engineers "Vabis" developed the first prototypes of delivery trucks. And in 1911 it was "Babis" became part of the company "Scania", and her design staff resumed work to build a truck for a new brand. In the same year was presented to the first bus, allowing products to enter the European automotive market.

However, after the First World War, the works of the Swedish companies were bad enough, until in 1936 Scania" not submitted its first diesel engine, which has interested a number of French car brands. And in early 1937, a contract was signed with the national German car company Volkswagen, founded a few months before. So the firm "Scania" became the official supplier of brand cars "Volkswagen" on the automotive market in Scandinavia. During the Second World War, the neutrality of Sweden led the brand to maintain stable growth in customers, but military action is completely stopped exports "Scania" in other countries.

In the 1950s the company introduced a new model on the market, continuing to improve your diesel engine. In addition, Scania" became the first in Europe among truck producers to open their own dealerships and conduct a full technical production service at the end of the warranty. In 1957 the production of trucks "Scania" was deployed in Brazil. And in the 1970s again, there has been close cooperation with Volkswagen, which in 2009 bought a controlling stake in the Swedish brand.

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