History of Setra

The company, known today as the "Setra", was founded in 1911 in the small German town of Ulm and at first was called "Karl Kässbohrer Fahrzeugwerke GmBH". Since 1951, the main products of the company are buses, due to the fact that the first models of the firm had a unique bearing body, which quickly gained popularity. Today the company name comes from the abbreviation of the German word "selbsttragend", which in translation means "self-supporting".

In 1994 logo "Setra" was the letter "K" that was made in honor of company founder Karl Kassbohrer. After a year he was created the Alliance "EvoBus GmbH, established firms Setra and Mercedes-Benz buses and coaches". Today, this Association is under the management of the concern "Daimler".

The most famous and popular products Setra in the premium segment bus market. The company produces passenger intercity and tourist transport of the highest quality that can satisfy the most demanding clients carriers and their customers.

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