History of Shelby

"Shelby" - a legendary brand cars, which gave rise to such phenomena as muscl cars. Heavy duty, voracious and fast vehicles began in the 1960s luxury, constructed in the cult. In 1961, Carroll Shelby signed a contract with the company "AC", producing on the basis of its model Cobra its variation with powerful a 4.3-liter V8 engine from Ford. The first ready cars left the workshop "Shelby" in the middle of 1962.

A year later, cars Shelby Cobra received a more powerful engine displacement 4.7 liters. All were released more than 1,100 of muscl cars under that name, their production ended in 1966, when a lot of popularity got the next model, Shelby 350GT. It was created based on the Ford Mustang, and had a forced induction engine. He was soon released another machine - 500GT, the power which again was higher than all its predecessors. Due to the constant use of engines "Ford" and adding all new components of the same brand, Shelby was able to establish a good relationship with the Michigan Department of concern, and had the opportunity to use the shop of a local company to build their own cars. In addition, he was invited as a specialist in the development of a sports car Ford GT40.

The fuel crisis of the 70's Godot twentieth century swiped it in the category of manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles, which consumed a huge amount of fuel. Because of this, Carroll Shelby chose to roll their own business, and go to work in the "Chrysler" on the position of counselor. With his participation, the Corporation has developed a model "Shelby Charger".

In the 1990s, was released car in the sedan Roadster Shelby Series One, made of carbon fiber. The vehicle had a working volume of 4 liters, and developed to 253 horsepower power that allowed to have a maximum speed of more than 270 kilometers per hour. However, after that about the "Shelby" again nothing was heard until 2004, when the company "Ford" has initiated the establishment of the concept on the basis of the Shelby Cobra. The machine got a 605-horsepower V10 engine with a cylinder volume of whole 6.4 liters, with some refinements had the opportunity to provide up to 800 horse power, and a 6-speed manual gearbox. The design concept was designed in a minimalist manner.

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