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The history of the brand "Smart" began in the early 1990's. At this time, Nicolas Hayek, owner of the watch company Swatch Group, actively worked on the project for a compact city car that would take minimal space in city traffic, while remaining large enough to carry passengers. In 1993 he began to prepare for the opening of a new brand together with "Mercedes-Benz", and in 1994 in the Swiss city of Bien was opened jointly by the company called "Micro Compact Car AG. A year later at the Frankfurt motor show was presented the prototype of the machine, and in 1996 he received the prize for its unusual design in Maastricht. In the same year the company opened a production of engines for cars.

However, to start the production was prevented by the suspension problems encountered during tests in 1997. Removing them, the company began producing cars only in mid-1998, presenting buyers a model City Coupe. At the same time, the company "Swatch" decided to move away from project management, selling its shares to a partner, "Daimler-Benz".

Released the car had a length of less than 2.5 meters, which allowed him to have an extremely low turning radius, and require minimum space for Parking. In addition, when developing security was paid very much attention as a small car should provide passengers with the same protection as standard machine size. As the power plant in the City Coupe used 600-CC turbocharged engine with 3 cylinders, which gave 61 horsepower capacity. Fuel consumption per 100 km does not exceed 6 liters.

In 1999, the company issued a diesel model with the motor 41 horsepower. And the total amount of cars exceeded 100,000 copies. In the same year the company began taking orders for its products through the Internet, becoming the first in this direction among automakers.

the year 2001 was marked for MCC Smart" (so by the time the company was called) marketed in Japan and the UK. And the following year the firm was presented in Geneva model Crossblade, which soon began to arrive in 17 countries. Also, in 2002 the company name was changed to "Smart GmbH", then started to produce 2 models - Roadster and Roadster Coupe, sales of which began in 2003, with an updated logo.

In 2004, in collaboration with Mitsubishi, the company introduced the model Forfour with 4-cylinder engines of various capacities ranging from 68 to 100 horsepower. However, it was produced only until 2006 due to low demand. It replaced the "Smart" has released the first hybrid Crosstown, and then Fortwo second generation, with a turbocharged engine. And in 2007 the company introduced its first electric car EV, which went on sale in European markets in 2010.

In 2008 model Fortwo was 10 years old, and its total sales reached 900 thousand copies. Also, the company entered the markets of America. And since 2009 "Smart" produces a new generation of this car with an updated beauty and the advanced options list.

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