History of Srt

In 2004 he founded the American automobile brand "Street & Racing Technology", which became part of the Chrysler. However, the first years of its existence the company "SRT" specialized only in manufacture of the sports car Viper, later to include in its membership all of the sporting achievements of concern. And since 2010, the production capacity of the company was moved to the release process of all sports models Chrysler, including the development of brands "Dodge", "Jeep" and "Chrysler".

In the same year was presented as a power unit SRT8, with a capacity of 470 horsepower. In 2012, the range was also supplemented by SRT10 engine that develops 640 HP. 2012 was the starting point of the company, as bloodless concern Chrysler was forced to allocate the company "SRT" in an independent unit. In addition, in 2013, after it was announced the merger of corporations Fiat and Chrysler, the brand has got the engineering staff responsible for the development of models such as the Viper and Charger. In the same year it was announced about the beginning of cooperation "SRT" with "Ferrari", which has become a promotional partner of the American brand products on the European market, as well as participated in the development of new power units for "SRT" and bodykit, supplying American company its wind tunnel. Also in 2013, the firm "SRT" became the official supplier of racing team Ferrari.

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