History of Steyr

In 1915, the Austrian designer and engineer by the name of Hans Ledwinka founded his own engineering company, called the "Steyr". However, the whole process was laid on the shoulders of Daimler, while Ledwinka limited only by the design of their vehicles, as well as the selection of components. Close ties with the German concern has allowed Hans to conclude some agreement with the Austrian government, which allowed the company "Steyr" in the 20-30-ies become a supplier of vehicles to the government, as well as get several lucrative military orders from Germany, where he was actively engaged in re-equipment of the armed forces.

Before the Second World War, Hans Ledwinka managed to create several unique models of limousines, which became the pearl industry of that time, and among his fans were policies such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Winston Churchill. But with the beginning of the war, Hans found himself in a difficult position, because the occupation government had intended to subordinate the industry of Austria directly to the leadership of Germany. That is what prompted Ledwinka to start close cooperation with the Third Reich, as well as to develop together with Ferdinand Porsche few military vehicles, the most famous of which was the Steyr 2000, army all-wheel drive SUV.

After the war, Hans Ledwinka continued close cooperation with Daimler", signing the contract for the licensed production of the Italian car company Fiat. After the death of Ledwinka in 1967 the company was headed by a Board of Directors that is configured to further rapprochement with Daimler. However, while this approach was limited by the development of military utility vehicles, the most famous of which was the Puch G better known as the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen.

In 1990 the company "Steyr" became part of Daimler, heading its Austrian branch.

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