History of Suzuki

In 1909, a young entrepreneur by the name of Michio Suzuki founded a small production company looms, giving her his name. Thanks to the resolute approach, for 30 years the company "Suzuki" is becoming one of the leaders in its field, leaving far behind the competition from the UK and the Netherlands, sales of Japanese products of the company are carried out in 22 countries around the world, and the welfare of its founder increases substantially every year.

However, Michio Suzuki dreamed of the idea to create their own car, which prompted him to take the first attempt in 1937. The engineers at Daimler, specially invited from friendly Germany even managed to prepare a few prototypes, planning to establish production of the first cars in the next 3 years. But the transition of Japan's military economy in 1938, forced Michio Suzuki to roll the project to create the first car, and switch back to the issue looms.

After the Second World War, which, as you know, ended with the defeat of Germany and Japan, bedstuy the country's economy was in dire need of affordable means of transport, which could allow the General population. So, Michio Suzuki was able to catch a second chance. While there was a recovery company, Michio along with several engineers began work on the project popular Japanese vehicle, having the first fruits in 1950. A year later saw the light of motorized bike Suzuki Power Free, which enjoyed great popularity among the poor population of Japan, and the first experience was not for a small company gift that was the beginning of the creation of a model range of cheap motorcycle.

In 1954 were presented duple light motorcycles, which have become the most popular on the market of Japan, China, Thailand and Malaysia. And the profits received from the sale of motorcycles, decided to create even more ambitious project. In 1955, at the Tokyo transport exhibition at the stand of "Suzuki" has gathered a large number of visitors - all have been waiting for the Michio, which would have introduced a new generation of motorcycles. Instead, in front of the stand has stopped the car, which appeared Michio Suzuki, announcing a new era in the history of his company. Model Suzuki Suzulight was built on the chassis with independent suspension and was fitted with a revolutionary in Japan front-wheel drive transmission and power steering. In the same year was opened the American division of Suzuki".

In the period from 1955 to 1965 there has been a significant expansion of the company, Michio Suzuki opens a division of the company for the production of power units for motor boats, begins to build a plant for the production of automobile and motorcycle engines, and the current lineup of the company is constantly updated with new models of motorcycles. In 1967 introduced a new model of lung Suzuki Forte, and after a year on sale the first truck company. In 1968 in the automotive market of the United States of America appears subcompany off-road vehicle Sizuki Jimny, which became the first all-wheel-drive car in the model range of the company.

In 1973, the American representative office of "Suzuki" opens its second office in Toronto, became later the official representative of the Japanese brand in the automotive market of Canada. In 1974 a company for the manufacturing of spare parts for motorcycles "Suzuki" in Indonesia, and a year later opened a factory for the production of motorcycles in the Philippines.

In 1981 the company "Suzuki" is in Alliance with the American company "General motors", becoming a full technology partner brands such as Chevrolet, Pontiac and Buick. On the wave of success, compact and economy cars, the engineers of the Japanese company, with the technical support of the company "General motors" start creating a new car, which began in 1988 compact SUV Suzuki Vitara.

By 2000, the Japanese company Suzuki occupies 12th place in the world in terms of car production and 5th in the production of motorcycles. The prosperity of the brand is growing steadily, over the next 8 years, the world saw a number of new cars that are successfully sold in more than 150 countries. By the beginning of the global financial crisis, the company terminates the contract with the company "General motors", and when they were escaped, thus, from potential losses. In 2009, the current lineup of Japanese firm is undergoing a complete modernization, and begins the construction of several factories in China, which becomes the main market for the company "Suzuki". In 2012 was recorded record profits, and the company was quick to announce that by 2016 will be released more than 30 new models of the brand "Suzuki", created both independently and with the active participation of other major brands.

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