History of Talbot

The history of the English brand is manufacturer of sports cars "Talbot" is interesting because it is, perhaps, one of the few companies manufacturers of cars for racing, which was able to survive about a dozen of resale. Founded in 1902, the company, in spite of British origin had headquarters in France. Until 1919, the sport's punishment "Talbot" was the storm tracks. However, after that began to change owners of the brand "Talbot".

1919. "Talbot" bought the company "Darrak".

1925. "Talbot" with "Darrak" handed down "Sunbeam".

1935. All three brands were purchased "Rute". "Darrak" as the brand began producing sports cars in England, and "Talbot wins the same products to the French market racing cars. In 1946, despite the difficulties of production and development in the post-war crisis in the pipeline still has formed a new model of the brand, "Talbo-Lago". However, despite several winning for "Talbot" race, the brand has barely kept afloat, and the production of several lines of road cars had to be cut. In the early 50-ies they were no longer produced at all.

1958. "Talbot" becomes the property of the company "SIM".

In the other years under the brand name "Talbot" was released a few interesting models of cars, however, officially, the company no longer existed. Legendary racing Kara tried to revive under the auspices of different brands, but in 1986 the last attempt "Talbo-Orizon" has passed the position before the new Peugeot-309".

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