History of Tatra

The history of the Czech brand "Tatra" has more than one and a half centuries, beginning with 1853, when it was founded aircrew workshop Ignác Chastely.

Until about 1921 under the brand name "NW" (Dusseldorfs wagon factory) was produced racing cars, interspersed with several civilian models.

In 1921 the city Dusseldorf renamed, and "NWа survived the renaming in "Tatra". Until the early 30's, the company produced cars with rear engine location. However, after that, the brand has expanded by launching the production of trucks. Feature trucks Tatra was the Central spinal frame.

In the postwar years, and almost to the present time "Tatra" focused on the development and implementation of cars of a representation class and race cars, but the range of cars is still the lion's share of the different trucks. Also, since 1996 in the sale of new Executive model.

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