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The company "T. E. C." has a long and very interesting history. It was founded in 1957 Erwin keel, by launching its first residential trailers for cars under the brand name "Weltbummler". The firm was soon joined by Wolfgang Troon, who began work as the first seller. His ideas are very important for the company, and in 1962 he took the management of the company itself, changing its name to "Kiel-Reiseanhänger-Nachfolge" and moving the headquarters and part of the production in the city of mülheim. In 1967, the firm joined "Eicker Wohnwagen", and the joint venture with the name "Thrun Eicker KG" has started production of motorhomes under a new brand. In 1970 was also absorbed brand": Dethleffs".

In 1980 the firm join the "Caravan GmbH" and "Hymer GmbH, which has greatly expanded its model range. And in 1981, begin work on the release of new models of motorhomes and trailers under a single brand "T. E. C.". Since 1983 campervans brand produced at the plant": Dethleffs", but after 10 years, the production moved to the münsterland. The company "T. E. C." with this step has managed to increase the production area and to seriously expand the range of manufactured homes and trailers, taking all niches from economy class to luxury and expensive.

In 2010, there was a complete update of motorhomes. Firm "T. E. C." decided to exclude the integrated and the box model from its lineup, and focus exclusively on innovative developments that have the most promising market motorhomes.

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