History of Ultima

The English automaker "Ultima Sports Ltd" was founded in Hinckley in 1992. Ted Marlow, owner of the company, decided to develop a niche for the production of parts for modification to sport cars "Noble" in the road ways. Thanks to his work, motorists have the opportunity to purchase for their own use such legendary models as Spyder and GTR won in his time many awards. All cars are sold as kit cars, i.e. the buyer collects the purchase itself from a set of parts.

In 2005, the Ultima GTR was set a number of records of performance. Driving model was Richard Marlow. The car was mounted engine with 640 horsepower engine power. And in 2006, its modification with 720-horsepower motor was broken record acceleration and delay (from 0 to 100 km/h and back to 0) - the time was only 9.8 seconds.

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