History of Zetor

After the war the company was restored in a very short time and also was quickly produced the first post of the tractor. Documentation on the new tractor Zetor 25 prepared by November 1945! The name given to the merger of corporate character Z (z) and the words of the tractor. In the summer of 1946 produced a comprehensive testing of prototypes. Taking into account the identified deficiencies have made a number of improvements and by the end of the same year put the tractor in serial production. At the time of release, the design has been fine-tuned almost constantly, sometimes that purchased the part did not fit on the regular place because of changed sizes. In addition to trials in Czechoslovakia batch of 300 tractors was delivered to Poland in the autumn of 1947. According to the results of operation and tests conducted, a detailed report on the basis of which was made about 200 design changes.

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