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The invention of the car changed the life of mankind. Automobiles gave people the opportunities to save time and enjoy a high level of comfort.

It is difficult to overestimate the convenience of usingcars in the everyday life of metropolis inhabitants. Visiting a supermarket, we can buy numerous goods and easily bring them home. Just imagine the difference between putting your bags from the shopping cart to the trunk of the car and carrying the bags from the shop on foot or by bus! As for me, I’d feel myself really inconvenient without a car, and I’m sure, that nobody wants to do extra physical labor. Personal cars perfectly suite our style of consumption enabling us buy lots of products with comfort.

The other feature of the modern world is the value of time. Choosing the means of doing something we always take the time into account. Time is limited and we all know, that it means money! Using a car helps save time due to the opportunity to get anywhere much faster without waiting for public transport or walking on foot. The saved time can be used for our personal purposes, for rest or pleasure. Saving time, we enrich our life and cars are our reliable helpers!

It may be objected, that traffic jams absorb time and cars cause other troubles like pollution and accidents. But I am sure that the conveniences of using cars outweigh all the disadvantages. The progress of technology will cope with all the problems soon. For example, new types of fuel are being introduced and intelligent navigation systems are likely to overcome traffic jams in a few years.

To sum up, I’d like to highlight the role of cars in improving people's lives and social efficiency. In the close future the society has to improve the car industry and create new cars that will serve different purposes. I invite you to the exciting automotive industry world to get plenty of new facts concerning cars!

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