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The company, which today is known throughout the world the name "Ferrari", was once a small company called "Auto Avia Costruzioni". Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929, she made various improvements for cars of Alfa Romeo, in which he was the head of a racing team, defending the honor of the automaker in the various competitions.

1939 was the date of disconnection between Enzo Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. After learning that the company is going to outbid his shop, he decided to go off and do their own thing. However, he had to sign a promise not to produce cars under his own name for four years. In anticipation of the expiration of the ban, the main activity of "Auto Avia Costruzioni" was the production of machines.

And yet the first car works Enzo Ferrari saw the light long before the end of this contract. According to the official version of that time, the developer Tipo 815 was presented Alberto Massimino. This racing car took part in the races 1940 in two instances, however, the drivers for various reasons were not able to reach the end.

The beginning of the war in Europe forced the company to discontinue the development of automobiles, and return to them "Auto Avia Costruzioni" could only after its completion. This time, the machine was named Ferrari, and the label became known to show off today stallion on a yellow background.

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