History of Aaglander

The cars of "Aaglander" look amazing on the streets of modern cities. This stylized vintage carriages convertible cabriolet, created for people who appreciate the thoroughness and the slow pace, and not be mad rhythm of life that prevails around. The machines are manufactured at the plant of concern "AAGLAND, opened in 2003 in the suburbs Kuhlenfels Ronald Prof..

A successful entrepreneur from Germany decided to create a comfortable and refined pleasure cars that will be dramatically different from the swift sports cars, flooded roads of Europe and around the world. Knowing that such products will not use mass demand, but will be very popular among successful people, he focused on individual orders, each of which is brought to perfection by the hands of experienced and qualified professionals. Personalize with all the client's wishes are two models manufactured by the company - Aaglander Duc and Aaglander Mylord. In the base case they are equipped with 3-cylinder diesel engine, manual gearbox and hydraulic brake system.

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