History of Abadal

The company "Abadal" is named after the famous racing driver of the early 20th century, Paco Abadala. He founded it in 1912 in Barcelona and wanted to build cars. However, his skills were not enough to organize the production, so he signed a contract with the Belgian manufacturer "Imperial" and began to sell cars under its own brand.

The first cars Abadal had 4 (model 18/24 HP) and 6 cylinders engine (45 HP), and had a performance similar to the machines of the company Hispano-Suiza, in which Paco Abadal worked before he decided to open his own business. Outwardly, these models are distinguished by a beautiful radiators in the form of a wedge, and their motors imely very high quality. So, the car Abadal 45 HP showcased amazing stamina, passing in the tests, more than 20 thousand kilometers without the need for repair.

At the motor show in 1913 in Paris were presented two new models of the company - car racing, which had a wooden body from the firm "Labourdette," and the automobile, sports Bezdomny body "Alin et palm leaf-tard". However, given the designs of other manufacturers, they looked not too effectively, and has not attracted significant attention.

The first world war, which broke out shortly, deprived the company "Abadal" constant supply of cars, and she had to interrupt its activity as a seller. Attempts to establish its own production again failed, and Paco Abadal have shifted their operations to the tuning racing cars. Only in 1919 Belgium began to produce cars for its Spanish dealer. The next 4 years have been very fruitful for the brand "Abadal", in the range which appeared more than 170 cars. One of the models had a powerful 8-cylinder, engine displacement of 5.6 liters.

In 1923 the company "Imperial" chose to cooperate with the American General Motors and stopped supplying their cars Paco Abadala. From that moment began the decline of the company, and in 1930, the audience was presented last car of this brand. Abadal Continental had a 3.5-liter engine and was made in sedan / saloon.

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