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The successful history of the company "Abarth" can serve as an example and role model for many aspiring manufacturers. In her piggy Bank today more than 7.5 thousand records, among which are found the reach and international, and even global plan. Its founder, Carlo Abarth, was a good school, starting with an apprenticeship in a small racing team, and then after getting a job first in the "Porsche", and then "Cisitalia". Having a good experience, he founded in 1949 his own company, the first offspring of which was sporting Abarth Roadster 1100. Driving this car is the founder of the company personally participated in several competitions, winning nearly two dozen victories.

In 1950 Carlo Abarth presented at the motor show in Turin car Abarth 204. He could boast an upgraded engine from Fiat displacement 1,09 l, on which were mounted two carburetor, ignition and magneto, the upper tubes, and special exhaust pipes. The maximum vehicle speed was very high in those days, the mark of 190 km/H. It was the first collaboration between the two firms, which lasted for many decades. During this time, "Abarth" had short-term contracts with "Alfa Romeo" and "Simca", but a partnership with Fiat was never interrupted.

2 years later was released improved version 204 of the second model, Abarth 205. It has acquired a number of small improvements in the technical plan and the new body, designed by the firm "Vignale". The car was such a success that among the buyers noted, even the General Director of "Packard", which, however, changed the body development Studio "Bertone". At the same time, Carlo Abarth was involved in the development of new models of Fiat cars and sport exhaust systems for this and several other brands.

Having achieved recognition in the automotive market in the U.S., "Abarth" has released a new model 207A. The machine was made based on the chassis of the Fiat 1100, had an engine with power increased to 66 horsepower and outdoor roastery body "Boano". Transmission with variable gear ratio made it possible to achieve maximum speed 165-186 km/h This car has been a huge demand that gave rise to the decision to release it and in the variant with rear wheel drive coupe.

For advertising their products Carlo Abarth tried to regularly install and update tests records relating to motor sport. One of the most successful in this regard, the car was modernized in 1956 Fiat 600, having an engine displacement of 0.75 liters. This machine owns dozens of records the rate and duration of races, including two world. Record series ended after 10 years beginning when the Austrian racing driver Johannes Ortner able to drive the segment in the quarter mile in just 13,035 C. Then, to replace the venerable old man came to the modern development of the firm - a model of the "Fiat Abarth 2000 Sport", which continued to replenish the Treasury of the firm's new achievements.

Cars Carlo Abarth enjoyed great demand among beginners and professional riders. Upgraded them Fiat 600, which depending on the version, the volume of motor 750 or 1000 cubic centimeters, competed at many tracks around the world, and was known to all fans of Motorsport.

One of the few deviations from cooperation with "Fiat" in the company "Abarth" is the improvement project car Simca 1000. This French compact car, produced in the early 60's, loved by the founder of the company, and he made a few modelpalace to participate in the races. Cars Simca Abarth got the engine from 1.6 to 2 liters and a maximum speed of this line of sports cars reached 230 km/H.

In 1967 Carlo Abarth developed a powerful 6-liter engine with 12 cylinders having a capacity of 600 horsepower. This motor was intended as a request for first place in the Cup of designers, but dreams destroyed the decision of the International automobile Federation, which has limited the maximum amount of engines that are allowed to allowed to participate in the Cup, up to 3 liters. As a result, completely ready the car was only fair sample. In 1971 Carlo Abarth decided to retire. His company bought the industrial group "Fiat", and today "Abarth" known only as the usual tuning workshop.

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