History of Acmat

The Company ACMAT" is a French manufacturer of vehicles for movement over rough terrain, including for military purposes. The firm was opened in 1958, and quickly became famous due to its simple and reliable machines, which, moreover, almost 80% consisted of parts fitted to any model.

Initially, they focused their production on the markets of Asia and Africa, people could not afford expensive cars. The main principle that guided the company ACMAT" when creating their products is the standardization and unification of all parts and components to ensure interchangeability. As a result, vehicles manufactured over 30 years ago, can be equipped with spare parts from the modern models. The company standardized components for cabs, engines, transmissions and structural components, using the same details for the entire product line. Also, "ACMAT produces armoured version of the machine army maintenance, support and intelligence in the performance of 4X4 and 6X6.

Not only the army, but the French firefighters also use the technique of "ACMAT" due to its low cost and great opportunities of a full drive. In addition to vehicles, the company also produces trailers and generators.

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