History of Albion

"Albion" is a former automaker company, Scotstoun. Today, it produces no cars, and only components for the automotive industry. As a subsidiary of American Axle & Manufacturing, it produces bridges, powertrain, chassis and its components, crankshafts. "Albion" is the most famous car name in Scotland, famous for his slogan "Steadily, like the rising of the sun".

Originally known as "the Albion Motor Car Company Ltd., the company was founded in 1899 by Thomas Blackwood Murray and Norman Osborne Fulton (both of whom previously worked on "Arrol-Johnston"), and a few years later they were joined by John F. Henderson, who provided additional capital. Initially the production was located on the ground floor of one of the buildings Finnieston street in Glasgow, and there were only seven people. In 1903, the company moved to new premises in Scotstoun.

In 1930 the company "Albion Motor Car Company Ltd" was renamed in "Albion Motors.

In 1951, the firm bought "Leyland Motors. Production cars "Albion" was resumed only in 1968, after the Foundation of the British Leyland Motor Corporation. The first models released after the break, steel trucks "Chieftain", "Clydesdale" and "Reiver" and bus "Viking". In 1980, the production moved to the factory "Lyeland" Bathgate. In 1969, the company began to coexist with "Coventry Ordnance Works", which works now.

The company "Leyland" refused to name "Albion", changing it to "Leyland (Glasgow)", and then "Leyland DAF" when it became a branch of this British Corporation in 1987.

In 1993, Albion Automotive" was bought back in the Scottish property. Another owner has changed the company in 1998, this time they became firm American Axle & Manufacturing Company of Detroit.

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