History of Brasier

The company Brasier begins its history in 1902, when the company is a pioneer in car manufacturing in France came a young designer and designer Henry Brazier. Together with the company's founder, George Richard, they decided to create a sports car. Popularity the company brought the first models built from quality materials. In 1904 and 1905 the first years, they have repeatedly won the prestigious competitions. At the same time, the company's founder George Richard retired and the company was renamed by the name of Henri Brasier.

The second Chapter of the company began to pay great attention to the comfort and design of their cars, to improve their quality. In particular, the model 18 CV with electric starter and the engine 3.4 liter was very popular before and after the First World War.

Focusing on the issue of expensive and comfortable car, the firm has not been able to overcome intense competition in the market and in 1926 declared bankruptcy. The latter developed the car was front wheel drive.a

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