History of Buick

Company name Buick formed by the name of its founder - talented engineer David Dunbar Buick, which in the early years of his career engaged in the production of enamelled baths. Accumulated capital of 100 thousand dollars was invested in opening their own company to produce cars in 1902, this idea has suffered a huge crash. But Buick did not give up, starting with a talented entrepreneur William Durant. He released his first car in 1903, but the novelty has not brought popularity to the brand. However, in 1904, being the position of one of the members of the Board of Directors, the engineer has developed Buick B, which became a hit and went to the country in the amount of 8 thousand pieces. Simultaneously with the success of the car, there was a quarrel between the founder of the company, which resulted in David Dunbar Buick was forced to drop out of the company.

In 1908, the company signed an agreement with General Motors of accession, but with preservation of the status of an Autonomous organization. In 1914-the year the world saw the six-cylinder model of Buick. Buyers of cars of this brand are becoming the American elite and the machine itself is positioned as a luxury.

In 1920, the year of Buick introduced the world's first production car with disc brakes, and after 5 years have seen the light car with an open top. In 1924, the year the company managed to become the leader in the automotive fashion of the time.

Since 1931, the company started to produce 8 cylinder engines for their cars. In 1934-Ohm comes a new model 66S with independent suspension of the front wheels and the engine power of 100 HP In 1939 was released one of the most prestigious limousines, a length of 8 meters. During the Second World War the company produced all kinds of military equipment.

After the war the company has pleased its fans with a new model Roadmaster.

In the period from 1954 to 1973 the company every 2-3 years is a new model of their vehicles with practically completely redesigned powertrain. Published a new car with open roof cars with panoramic glazing.

2 new models, released in 1973 - Century and Regal were completely redone 3 years later, and in 1984 saw the light of new car Riviera Coupe.

In the early 1990s, the company develops a model LeSabre, and in 1998 to the public a new model Signia.

In the 2000s, the company produces 4 models of cars with different types of chassis. The cars are front wheel drive and transverse engine.

Today, the company Buick focuses on full-size cars of the middle class with good quality. This solution is particularly relevant in light of the constant decline in demand for expensive cars.

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