History of Daihatsu

The Japanese company Daihatsu traces its history back to 1907-year, and its base is firmly connected with the names of professors Osaka University Turki and Ishinca founded a company for the production of internal combustion engines of its own design. The company today is the largest manufacturer of small cars and is part of the Toyota group.

A new brand of engines called Hatsudoki Seizo Co., as the name itself Daihatsu appeared much later. The first engines were gas power units, which worked on methane and were indispensable for gas, mining and Maritime transport. In 1919 the first year the company thinks about the production of new vehicles - cars and produces 2 of the truck. The automotive industry grew rapidly in the 1930s year, the company presented its first three-wheeled model. It was equipped with an engine of 500 cubic cm And was extremely cheap. Following 4 years the company has brought its own design, which resulted in Japan's first compact four-wheeled vehicle. Low price and incredible compactness "Japanese" has generated a huge demand for these little cars. In 1938 a new factory opens In Ikeda. In the same year the company introduced to the public a sports car with the engine of 1.2 liters and three speed transmission. Such a small car could easily overclocked up to 70 km/h!

In 1951 the company Daihatsu was renamed Daihatsu Kogyo Co. Due to a series of reorganizations. And after 6 years, the Japanese market was completely saturated with small cars and the company took the decision to export. The first microassemblies, which has left the country became a Midget, who enjoyed great popularity.

However, the company has developed its own version of a pickup truck and in 1960-th year presented a model Hi-Jet, 2-stroke twin-cylinder engine 356 cubic see also in 1961 published a two-door wagon Hi-Jet, and a year later the New pickup-Line with engine capacity of 797 cubic see In the next year saw the light of the second generation models Hi-Jet.

In 1966 Daihatsu Compagno becomes the first Japanese company, which exports cars to the United Kingdom. In addition, in 1968, the year the world saw the Fellow SS - another microassembl with a carbureted engine, 32 HP, It became a kind of answer to the Honda N360 with a 31-horsepower engine.

In the 1970s, the company Daihatsu produces several new models of their cars and began to export them to the UK. Published 4 door sedans Fellow. In 1975, is the renaming of the company in Daihatsu Motor Company. On the basis of the Toyota Corolla going car Daihatsu Charmant, which is quickly becoming popular. Simultaneously there is an increase in the volume of motor vehicles up to 2.5 litre diesel engines.

In 1980 year, the Japanese car market saw another innovation - Mira Cuore, which is a commercial version of the machine Cuore. In 1984 the company also produces SUV Rocky. Simultaneously, Daihatsu opens a new plant to assemble cars in China, which can significantly reduce of the cost. In 1985, the first year was released 10 millionth vehicle company. New models in the company appear every 3 years, each with its own unique design and technology.

In the 1990s, the release of new models under the brand name Daihatsu continues. In 1992 appears the model Opti, which replaced the rather old already Leeza. Hijet began to gather in Italy in a joint venture with Piaggio V. E..

In addition, the company produces auto racing. For example, Charade Gtti receives first place in the competition of the Safari Rally in 1993. New car Move was presented to Japanese consumers in 1995 and was a little more than its predecessors, almost beyond transfer.

In 1996 the car was slightly altered, and its dimensions were close to traditional. The model is called Gran Move. In 1999 the plant Tada to be certified according to ISO 9001.

In November 2003 Daihatsu began to sell the car TANTO. He was positioned as a "space for a happy family".

In December of the same year, Daihatsu and Toyota has announced the launch of the dual model Daihatsu XENIA and Toyota AVANZA in Indonesia.

In 2004, the market entered a joint development Daihatsu and Toyota - model Boon (Daihatsu) or Passo (Toyota). In August of the same year began the sale of the car MOVE LATTE. In November Daihatsu updated model Mira Gino.

In 2005, nachlis sale Daihatsu Delta, HIJET CARGO Hybrid. Also was announced Daihatsu Sirion. At the end of the year, a new supermini Esse.

In 2006 began selling compact SUV Be-go (Daihatsu) or Rush (Toyota), and Sonica. There is a new machine Soo.

In 2007 Daihatsu Sonica wins Energy Saving Award and Resource Energy Agency Director Award. We began selling Daihatsu XENIA in China. In Indonesia presented Daihatsu Gran Max.

In 2008 Daihatsu has announced a new SUV - Perodua Nautica. Updated Tanto Sloper. Began to be sold Move Conte Move ConteCustom and Boon Luminas.

In 2009, it was announced compact car Luxio in Indonesia. Spring has started to sell a small hatchback Kay-class Mira, Cocoa.

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