History of Doble

In 1914 he founded the American brand "Doble", specializing in the production of luxury cars with a steam engine. The founder of the company Ebner Doble counted steam cars much superior to the comfort of gasoline, in particular, due to the fact that steam engines were silent. Therefore, he decided to start production of a new generation of cars, despite the fact that sales of cars with a steam engine across the country came to naught. The company's engineers brought the steam engine to the level of the gasoline, introducing a number of innovations, which allowed the cars "Doble" to match the quality and luxury with English cars Bentley.

In the period from 1914 to 1915 on sale model And Doble, are equipped with a steam engine of 25 horsepower, and after the transfer of production in Detroit, was presented in 1915 model Doble s, better known as Doble Detroit with the body 5 or 7 seats and a two-cylinder steam engine with a capacity of 39 horsepower.

However, the company suffered financial difficulties, which led to the halt production until 1920, when the factories moved to California. It started production of the model Doble E, equipped with modernized steam engine, with a capacity of 75 horsepower and supply of water in 100 liters. In addition, this model had 8 different body from the lung compartment to the present limousine. However, by 1931, the demand for cars with a steam engine finally fell, especially against the background of constantly increasing prices for the products of the brand. As a result, in 1931, was sold only 45 cars, and in 1932 the company "Doble" declared bankruptcy, completely ceasing production and refitting its production capacity for the production of locomotives.

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